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February 21, 2011 at 6:49 pm | Posted in Concept Art, Guild Wars 2, mmorpg | 13 Comments

I stumbled across a twitter message from Elixabeth Claire, who having read Johnny10GW’s twitter found Nadine McKee’s blog to be rife with 3d art props for Guild Wars 2.

All except the top post appear to be Guild Wars 2 related, with the top post appearing to have something to do with a more modern warlike game.

Here’s a weapon that caught my eye.

A jade hammer of some sort?

What interests me most about some of these jade weapons, or jade-like weapons, is what is inside them. Rather than just pure jade they appear to have tablets, runes, rock or otherwise inside them.

Here’s a good example of that.

You have to wonder what is written on those stone tablets

Of course there are plenty of other non weapon props, target dummies, fruits and vegetables, furniture, and other stuff. Lots to look at.

However when you look around her blog more there is even more to look at in the concept art section. The top few posts again seem to be concerned with a more modern or sci-fi genre game, and as Ms. McKee no longer works for Arenanet, are most likely unrelated to anything they’re working on. However, get to some fantasy drawings a few posts down and we have some remarkably familiar looking art.

Although it’s not explicitly stated as in other posts, some of the art could be related to Guild Wars 2. A dragon like creature made of bone. A kirin like creature with plants growing out of it. Something that is reminiscent of a charr effigy. I won’t post them here as they are not definitively of Guild Wars 2, but feel free to check them out.

What is definitively from Guild Wars 2 appears to be some armour art, with 3 dye channels. Dye channels we’ve heard about in other Arenanet blog posts. We also see some weapon and prop concepts, some of them quite good.

If you go, check out that sweet sylvari wolf, not illustrated but damn. Good looking.

Entitled "Golem Tazer" we'll most certainly be hearing "Don't taze me bro!" for years to come.



  1. Nice find!

    I really like the runes encased in weapons, hope that makes it into the game

    • yeah, i’d love to see some of that stuff in game.

  2. Very good find!

    • credit to twitter peeps.

  3. The tablet shield on the blog is enough to make me roll a guardian. I LOVE IT!

    • heh, one shield to roll a guardian? you could go warrior as well of course.

      • Definately a guardian shield! 😉
        But I’m going ele all the way. The pyromaniac in me needs that…

  4. Ya I saw “Slyvari Wolf” too and that got the gears turning…

    Why would she call it that? Sounds very mount-like to me. Especially notice how the area where various saddles might be placed was notably bare.

    • mount wasn’t the first thought in my head, racial skills seem more likely to me. theres other concept art with sylvari wolves though.

      • Seems very odd to me that a plant creature born of a tree would have a racial to transform into a wolf… actually wolves seem a foreign concept to a creature of the forest or jungle in any context.

        • not necessarily transform, but summon. Humans can summon balthazars hounds for instance.

          • I have to agree with Hunter. Most likely a pet or summon of sorts. Could be called sylvari wolf just because they live in the area of the sylvari hometree and act as some lowlevel mob.

            I have a hard time picturing mounts at all in Guild Wars 2. We have maptravel, and even though the persistent areas are large, you would miss too much dashing through them the first time, and after that you no longer need to run there, you just maptravel.

            The only place I would like mounts would be underwater, as those areas will be more threedimensional to traverse than on ground as they most likely require more travelling to move around in.

            But hey, it’s all speculation.

            • to be honest i really want to see mounts. for me its not about travel, necessarily, but about having this friendly companion

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