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Raven, Wolf, Snow Leopard, and Bear is reporting that Monday is the start of Norn Week, a series of small updates on the race. Here’s what they quote in their article.

Coming off of Guild Wars 2’s recent Human Week, NCsoft and ArenaNet would like to announce the second installment to their ongoing series dedicated to detailing the races featured in Guild Wars 2, Norn Week. This coming Monday the official ArenaNet Blog will treat players to an in-depth introduction to the shape shifting half-giants known as the Norn, and throughout the remainder of the week provide readers with additional insight from the developers on the lore, the newest art, and a new video as well.

Not really a big surprise, since we’d been hinted at that at least 2 races would be revealed in February, and it is late in the month. They had also let it drop that it would probably be norn.

I imagine the video they mention will be our first good look at Hoelbrak and other norn territories which I’m quite interested in seeing. Since the human video was added to the official human page I imagine most videos will feature much the same things.

I think this will be much more interesting than the human feature. We know a lot less about norn, and this is our opportunity to find out.


  1. So human week, now norn week…at some point, I assume we’ll be seeing an Asura week? I’m looking forward to THAT! 😀

    • yeah they’ve confirmed a week for each race. No telling when it will be though.

  2. Arrrrrr! You were right, now my stomach hurts.

    • your stomach hurts from anticipation i presume?

  3. I’ll almost certainly play Norn so I’m pretty excited myself.

    • i’ll play norn at some point, but its not one of my first choices. still, i am interested to see anything outside of kryta/divinity’s reach

  4. Ooo…norn, codans…see…revere…

    • yeah i suppose we might see more kodan.

  5. woot! Norn week! 😀

    • should be any time now, hopefully

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