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Divinity Hall or so the image is called

Today in Human Week Arenanet posted on their blog a bit of information on the political intrigue between various factions in Kryta. There was a bit of prose that followed the assassination of a minister, and various explanations covering the hierarchy between the armed forces of the human nation.

This is an update that truly targets lore buffs, so I don’t expect everyone to be thrilled, but I quite enjoyed it. Particularly the story elements of the murder.

I don’t necessarily want to address every single detail, but the gist of the entire post seems to be that the political tension and maneuvering appears to be leading to two things. The three branches of the military are alienated from one another and coming to oppose each other, and Caudecus appears to be gathering a power base from which to perhaps over throw the queen during Guild Wars 2.

Should make for some exciting story elements in the streets of Divinity’s Reach.

Ministry Guard Emblem

Another undercurrent I felt ran through the post was the sinister nature of the Ministry Guard. Although the heroine of the prose seems a loyal and patriotic citizen I believe they’re being set up to be quite the villains.

I even think it’s possible that this is where the White Mantle come in to play in Guild Wars 2. Perhaps they’ve infiltrated the Ministry Guard, perhaps they’re controlled by the last vestiges of the White Mantle, perhaps Caudecus himself is secretly a member, I don’t know. Just a speculative thought really.

Even their emblem is reminiscent of War In Kryta art. Not that it means anything.

Thus ends Human week. Overall it was less than I wanted to see, certainly. They’ll have to do a much better job if they want to drum up hype from features on each race. I’m not ungrateful, each piece of new art, information, or video is great to see. However I’d like to see more.

Yet I suppose I have to balance my wants with Arenanets abilities to provide. Besides, if I see everything before the game is released, or before the beta (that they confirmed is happening this year, some time, which we already knew) then I won’t be particularly thrilled when Guild Wars 2 comes out.

And I want to be thrilled when Guild Wars 2 comes out.



  1. My husband (who doesn’t know lore from a hole in the ground) took one look at the Ministry Guard emblem and asked “Aren’t those the guys from Guild Wars?” Meaning the white mantle. He didn’t even recognize the Shining Blade!

    • Yeah i don’t know what it is, the hammer, the style of the emblem. I guess it’s mostly the fact that it’s kind of a rich vs poor thing. The ministry protects the rich nobles, while the poor aren’t even allowed trials.

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