NCSoft 4Q Earnings Conference Call

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GuildWars2Guru member Gigashadow had some details on the conference call which he thankfully transcribed in his post.

Probably the most relevant part is the following.

We have a wide range of scenarios from launching Blade and Soul and GW2 before the end of the year, to not launching both titles within the year. All our developers believe they will be able to complete the project definitely before the end of the year. The uncertainty is after we finish the production and run the open and closed beta, and feedback for customers.

Although last year they said in a conference call that Guild Wars 2 would likely be entering a beta in late 2010 or early 2011, in the past few months it has become pretty clear that wasn’t going to happen. With very little information released between last summer and just a couple weeks ago, it isn’t a surprise that we’re looking at a late 2011 release if at all.

There isn’t much more to say than that.

The original Guild Wars is experiencing no dips or rises in revenue. I don’t know whether that is surprising or not at all surprising. You buy it once forever, so at some point people should stop buying copies right? They kept mentioning other games year over year and quarterly changes by percentages. Guild Wars didn’t warrant any specific numbers at all, no change over the past few quarters. Good news I suppose.

Anyway these things aren’t very reliable so don’t froth at the mouth over it.


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