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Human week continues with an update on the history of the human race.

Aside from the fact I couldn’t find a high-quality version of the video, just try to tell me after watching that that you don’t want to check out the human starting area with a nice human character. Then let me tell you something surprising. I will probably never be human in Guild Wars 2.

The history is there, there is a sense of nostalgia, I could identify better with a human character, but I’m just not interested. My embarrassingly large number of hours in Guild Wars have all been as humans, so it’s just not going to happen.

Still. Such eye candy.

The race page for humans at has been updated as well, but aside from some great new wallpapers and the video, all that has really been added is the story of humans. It’s a story I’ve grown to know already. I’ve experienced it in Guild Wars, and heard it repeated in interviews and the demo. I’m not disappoitned, I’m glad it’s there, but for people looking for new information, there isn’t much.

However this did intrigue me.

From Divinity’s Reach, the long reach of human power stretches out across the surrounding hills and farms, offering protection to the farmers and townsfolk of Kryta. These people are under constant siege from centaurs that have come down from the mountains. The powerful Modniir centaurs have established dominance over the weaker Tamini and Harathi breeds and now urge them to attack human enclaves across Kryta. These raids are major incursions that sometimes reach the gates of Divinity’s Reach itself.

Interesting to see just what’s going on with the centaurs. Up until now we’ve just been under the impression that centaurs are mean. Now we see there are various tribes under the heel of the Modniir. With the dwarves gone, and the norn under brutal assault from Jormag, at some point the Modniir must have had ample time to grow in numbers. They seem more organized now that we have this information.



  1. What I thought was most interesting about the quote was how the centaurs sometimes make it to the gates of Divinity’s Reach. Sound like the far end of a chain in which dynamic events are failed? Fighting right at the gates. Kinda cool.

    • Well isn’t that little town where you start the demo pretty much right outside the gates of divinity’s? It can’t be all that far, according to my memory.

  2. Why not at least create a temp human at some point to check out the storyline for the humans? Can’t imagine purposely ignoring a whole section of the game. I’m not wild about the Charr or Norn, to be honest, but I’ll have at least one of each. Besides, I might well change my mind after playing them.

    But I’ll never forget The Searing… never! 🙂

    • the storyline is the only thing i won’t be able to see as another race, and i think since at some point the races meet up, the human storyline will be the same as other races. so i’ll only miss out on the first 20 or 30 levels.

      maybe at some point, way down the line, after i’ve played each of the other races to their extent. but certainly not at the beginning.

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