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Lightning bolt!

This week Arenanet is presenting us with Human Week. An extravaganza of all things human! We’ll be getting character art, armour, clothing, lore, background, wallpapers, and what I’m most excited for a video tour of human lands.

Today though we got audio clips of random NPC conversations. I love random NPC conversations. I know it doesn’t seem like the most excellent thing in the world, and maybe I don’t love what most random NPC conversations are about, but, there’s a couple reasons I was excited for these to be released today.

One, I think adding detailed voice work to unimportant NPCs wandering around your world adds a ton of depth. It makes the world bigger. There are things going on outside of your characters experience.

The other reason I was looking forward to this is I was impressed by the voice work so far that Arenanet has provided. It’s been well acted, great quality audio, with fantastic ambient touches. Background noise, environment effects, Arenanets sound people are quickly becoming some of my favourite video game sound engineers.

With the release of the audio clips, I found myself actually kind of surprised. Some of the clips are pretty a-typical of an RPG, but others blew me away.

I think we were all particularly impressed by the clip of children.

As the blog post says, the audio clips give you a feel of the concerns of the people of Kryta. Their enemies, their leaders, and their day to day lives. I’m really hoping this will make places like Divinity’s Reach feel alive with activity.

I’m kind of glad they started with humans. I doubt I’ll ever play a human in Guild Wars 2, so getting it out of the way is great. On a personal level I sort of wish they’d gone with one of the other four races. There is a definite lack of non-human content, and I think the audio clips would have impressed me more if they came from another race.

In any case it was all pretty cool.

Finally, I’ve seen a few people take note of the mention of a bard in one of the audio clips. They seem to think it’s a possibility of a new profession. Not impossible but not very likely either. I don’t think a bard sits very well in Guild Wars lore, and it would be an odd way to tease or hint at a new profession. I would think they chose these clips pretty carefully.



  1. I also thought for some seconds the bard could be a profession hint. Leather would be more or less possible (and I don’t see the mesmer in leather), but I think we have enough shouts with warrior and guardian. Warrior and guardian would loose much of their identity I think. Bard is not another “archetype” for me (and neither is the gunner).

    • The bard just doesn’t make sense to me. Hard to push the lore from an assassin class to some roguish bard profession. No musical instruments in game, although shouts/anthems/arias have some roots in lore.

  2. There was some early mention of insturments being in the game… and while they would not be as developed as instuments in lord of the rings online I would not put it past them to be working on such an activity.

    • I noticed the same mention of music early on, but after further research they were talking about this one mand band activity thing that you can’t really make music with.

      • Well, I don’t think that assasin and bard could be merged, but as far as I know we still just know seven of eight profession. So the bard would be the third leather profession beside ranger and assasin. But still: shouts and songs are buffs, and who’s the buff archetype? The guardian. I thought today about what they said earlier, that they made professions with “what everybody likes to be like in a fantasy world”. So I thought everybody would like to be like Mc Gyver. Last profession will be Mc Gyver 😀

        Speaking about armor types: I was somekind of shocked when I saw in the last article something like “the warrior shares the armor with the other plate profession till now, the guardian.” I was like what you’re doing another plate profession or talking about expansions allready?

        • engineer could be a macgyver type! It’s what i’m leaning towards so far but who knows.

          i commented on the armour thing in my latest post. doubt it means anything.

  3. Sigh, its been too long. i did have a nice long post but it wiped it out when I forgot to put in my name and email… not very nice.
    Anyway in short.
    Voice stuff, love it, alot. more please.
    Human voices because we play human now and understand their history and culture a bit more than the other races we have yet to see or play.

    • yeah it sounds like norn voices will be up next. of course, they’re all human since humans do the voice overs.

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