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Hmmm the pirate is definitely outnumbered by the ninjas here

Today in Human week, they looked at character design and armour. I have noted in previous posts, that I’ve been pretty impressed with the armour shown so far by Guild Wars 2. It’s been mostly low level stuff, and yet all looks fantastic. I’m really digging the realistic textures, the look of the materials, and for the most part the design.

I’d say the only thing that made me slightly unhappy is their copious amount of cleavage. There’s a great example of what they’re doing to allow people to wear less revealing armour, which is unfortunately coupled with 14 year old boy fan service.

I’m not going to make a big deal of it, but I’ve never been a fan of anything that tries to appeal to my base senses. My brain is up here guys.

A step in the right direction to be sure, but still.

Aside from looks at new armour and ‘town clothes’ (Why not call them street clothes? It’s a much more suitable term) there isn’t a whole lot of new information here. They repeat some information about armour that I find cool, but have seen before.

Our armor is divided into six interchangeable parts: helmet/headgear, shoulders, coat, legs, gloves, and boots. We are also introducing the ability to have one piece of armor replace multiple pieces. For example, if your human warrior has an elaborate coat with built-in shoulders and helmet

Can’t wait to start messing with my armour itemization. That’s something that the GuildMag podcast’s last epiosde got into. They talked about how Guild Wars armour isn’t as fun to play with as in other games. In Guild Wars 2 they’ve tweaked it with crests and reward drops (I think) and hopefully more. I’ll check out the exact wording when Dutch from GuildMag gets around to transcribing the interview.

The other thing I think most people are talking about, like Chicken Little in a panic, is this quote.

In Guild Wars 2, professions will not be as visually distinct. Instead, we’re dividing up the appearance by weight class. For instance, if you’re a warrior, you share the heavy armor class with the guardian (so far).

Plenty of speculation pretty quickly sprung up around one offhand comment. “So far”. To me it just means they were teasing us. Nobody ever said they didn’t leave the door open for more professions to be added in expansions, or that they would never make changes to professions allowing them to use other armour types. For once I am not the one reading too far into something. Yay.

Edit: Totally forgot to mention the norn appear to be up next in the race feature department.



  1. About the cleavage, personally… I’m a fan.

    That aside, the plate in that second screenshot is very impressive. I always play a warrior and I’m more than a little psyched about the look of that stuff.

    • i particularly enjoyed the centurion helmet. and the leather bound guys standing together, a lot of small interesting differences from model to model.

  2. Has it been stated anywhere if players will change to town(street)clothes when in the cities?

    • i can’t remember if there is any official word on it, but i think you can wear them just about anywhere, as with gw1 costumes. just guesswork though.

  3. One of the things I really like is that the GW2 armor we’ve seen so far definitely looks like something that has evolved over time from GW1, not just a bunch of designers let loose to create whatever they want for a new game, or copying stuff with a few changes. It is like the lore, the design team is building on what has gone before, like things usually are in real life. Yeah, it is just a game, but evolving the sequel so closely from the original is something I really appreciate from a creative point, and I bet many others do as well. Just adds that extra bit of quality and enjoyment.

    That plate looks great! I’m in the camp that wants characters that fight up close covered head to foot in armor. Leave the skimpy female armor (or male for those of you interested in them) to the back line support types.

    • Good point, i just hope that those armours are kept to a minimum. I appreciate that gladiator armour looks similar to old gladiator armour, but i don’t want to see a modern version of every armour, I want something new.

  4. I really liked the side-by-side comparison of the two mesmers (especially since the GW1 mesmer is wearing my favorite). Do you think they were telling us something with this image?

    • nah, they’ve said armour isn’t tied to class, and specifically in a forum post at gw2guru that the human on the right in that image is wearing “town clothes” not armour.

      That said I don’t know anyone who doesn’t think mesmer will be in gw2.

  5. There’s no way they wouldn’t put a Mesmer in; its as Anet as Charr is.
    I would mention that the wife thinks thats the worst of the mesmers clothes so it shows how different everyones thoughts are on the subject. I dont mind it.
    I like armour to vary alot; I like sometimes having the heavies, and sometimes the skimpies. either way I want them too:
    a: look like i want them to and
    b: look awesome;
    my login screen for GW1 is my wardrobe selection screen and it’s full of beautiful women; some with cleavage some, without, all awesome. in short, give me all, give me the choice.

    • All i really want is a variety of armours to choose from, which arenanet has never been a slouch at.

  6. These characters look great. I can’t wait to play this game!

    Also, that pirate will be just fine.

    • well you may have to wait until the end of the year.

  7. Norn are next? What’d I miss?

    • the last few lines of the post tiger.

      • They never said the norn are next, just that in the following weeks they’ll talk about their design.
        BUT! You might be right. Although since the demo had humans and charr I’m thinking charr are next. If I’m wrong I’ll punch myself in the stomach and groan in pain.

        • you may be right, it just seems like since they’re constantly dropping hints at what is next lately, norn would be next.

  8. Woot to Norn upcoming 🙂
    The armor examples look fantastic! I wonder if it’ll look like that in-game. I’m so used to the blocky-poor graphics in mmos these days and not used to the graphics available to us!

    • they appear to be a fair representation of what we’ll see in game, although I’m betting their graphics will be widely adjustable between minimum req and max.

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