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I will now leak the next profession for Guild Wars 2 in my caption space

I was reading TalkTyria the other day and one of Izari’s contributors, Ubi Major, wrote a post about what he thinks is going on with Arenanet’s PR strategy.

He was talking about leaks. The guardian was essentially leaked in a photo caption about a week before its official release on PCGamer. An odd way, we all thought, to introduce a profession. He brings up a few other examples, mostly centering around other gaming websites posting interviews a couple of hours before Arenanet themselves posted the guardian information. Those examples seem pretty inconsequential, the sites in question were European, Arenanet is on the Pacific coast. It’s a time zone issue, not some leak strategy.

I don’t think his idea is without merit though, because in the Eurogamer interview the following was said.

Flannum and Peters teased that a profession for people who play sneaky rogues or assassins is on the cards, but the pair were elusive as to the others.

A pretty straight forward hint that the assassin class may be the next profession released.

That’s not all. Ravious just dropped some hints in his last blog post.

Things are definitely ramping up. I expect a lot of cool news before PAX East such as more information on the new demo, possibly a new profession reveal, and… Next week ArenaNet is going to cover the human race in-depth all week with all sorts of goodies (even in-game audio and a new video), and humans won’t be the only race getting a whole week treatment in February!

I have speculated a few times, as recently as January 30th, that we’d be getting exactly this sort of thing. A feature on races to promote the game. I guess I’m not really surprised. Still, it’s exciting, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store.

I imagine it will involve the character creator heavily, along with new lore, screen shots, and voices that reflect personality choices. I imagine we’ll get to see Divinity’s Reach, a bit of humanity’s main enemies, and plenty of kryta.

I think I’m more excited to see the other race (or races) they’re going to be showing. The charr is the most likely, and I’d be glad to see it, but I’m hoping for something else. I noticed in the gamespot interview posted yesterday they had 2 norn screenshots and one sylvari. That would be sweet.


  1. Only the first norn screenshot was new though (the holy Hoelbrak one). The other two were in the races trailer, but I’m not sure we had high-quality screenshots.

    I hope they do a feature for each of the races. This also dovetails nicely with the second Dispatches from the Priory. 🙂

    • The 2nd norn screenshot was of a homestead during the day and we saw the same homestead at night I think you’ll recall during the races trailer. so not entirely new, no, but not old either.

      • OoooOOOOooooh, I hadn’t even noticed that.

  2. I’m happy you read my article 🙂 i am too looking forward for some race in depth analysis, guess the human blogpost of next week will be the first one!

    • I’m not sure how in depth about humans I can get, we already know so much thanks to original guild wars and the demo

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