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Not much to say here, other than I wish Guild Wars 2 would put out one of these. I know it doesn’t fit with their game philosophies, I think one of the founders once said something along the lines of he’d rather but $500k into the game, not some cinematic. Still, I’d like to see something shiney and moving, because that sort of SQUIRREL!



  1. It’s a good cinematic, even if the outcome is familiar…two factions fighting, coming together afterward against a common enemy. When this trailer was released earlier this week, I was actually on my computer at the new place without my speakers, so I pretty much watched it without sound and it didn’t hinder my understand of what’s happening 🙂 Very cool regardless, I always love the “real” computer animated cinematic trailers.

    Do you think you’re going to give this game a go, or wait a while until after it launches? Or passing entirely?

    • It’s a good question and i just talked a tiny bit about it in a post I posted as you posted this comment. I’m not 100% sure, but I think i’m going to buy it and try it out for a short period. That’s my game plan.

      • Hunter,

        try get a key and test the game at a Beta event.

        It is free and cheaper than buy the game.

  2. Oh, yeah, I wish Arenanet would go against their philosophy just this once, because I love me some cinematics!

    I look forward to hearing about your adventures in Rift, if only for a short while.

    • You’re in the beta right? yeah I’ve seen enough positive energy flowing from the game to give it a shot. I may not like what i hear about it’s wowness but the rift stuff sounds great.

      • Yes, I am in the beta and have been having a good time (though I’m taking it easy until launch). Rifts can be great fun, and like others have said, I look forward to seeing how they compare with GW2’s DEs when the time comes.

        The thing that makes Rift not too WoW-like to me is the different things I can do with my soul choices; I’m playing roles I’ve not been able to fill in other traditional MMOs and that’s kind of a Guild Wars-y feeling.

        • yeah i definitely get the sense the other big thing with rifts is the soul system. to me it sounds similar to how gw2 is trying to mix up what roles people play as well.

  3. I bought GW (platinum edition with Proph, Fac and the bonus missions) based solely on a rather blurry video review by Gamespot; based on how much fun the reviewer seemed to be having, lack of a subscription, and that the combat looked so much better than WoW. So in my case those two rather nice, and I’m sure expensive, CGI cinematics for Proph and Factions weren’t even a factor. But they were pretty darn nice! 🙂

    • yeah i love what gw2 is doing with the concept art, working it into the trailers and promotions and in-game cinematics, but nothing quite compares to cgi cinematics. its just great eye candy.

  4. A thing I think it is strange is that they launched that cinematic trailer just now, near the launch.

    Normally, we see cinematic trailers months before launch, for start a hype.

    The hype we see now is from people that played the game at Beta. They don’t need the cinematic trailer for a hype. For example, I get owned by Rift when I played the Beta 4 event.

    IMHO, Guild Wars 2’s and Rift’s strong point is the use of Public Quests. WAR sadly don’t knew how to use PQ wisely.

    My fears about Rift get down after I tested it at Beta. My worst fear was the fact you have two factions (guardian and defiant) fighting, like WAR had, and that proved not work at PvP.

    However, Rift is not a PvP game. It is a PvE game that have PvP. If you want it, you can simply ignore PvP. Rift is a PvE game with Public Quests (mostly what GW 2 will be, IMHO), with some PvP added for who like PvP.

    And if you read the lore you see that the defiant/guardian war is stupid. Worse enemies are just at the gates…

    João Carlos

    • That’s a good point. Why release the cinematic so late? Usually companies try to get their money’s worth by releasing these things well ahead of game release, not a month and a few days. strange.

      I also agree that their strong points are their public quests. They’ve both really invested in the idea of that mechanic.

  5. Hunter, if you’d like a beta key to Rift you can have mine (never used). After watching videos of the gameplay I have zero interest in Rift, so would be glad to let someone else use it instead.

    • thanks for the offer and its appreciated, but I’m pretty set on buying it I think, and I think I’m going to just dive in blind instead of playing the beta. The videos don’t turn me off as much as they seem to for you. however, do you read tigerfeets blog? last i heard she was after a key

      • Coolness, I just (hopefully) sent the key and info to Tigerfeet.

        I’m pretty much not messing with any more beta events or MMO games. I’m mostly happy with GW1, Aion and a couple others I mess around in now and then. I’ll be getting GW2 of course, and will check out Secret World and the Marvel superhero game at some point. But otherwise I’m putting more time into the stacks (both physical and virtual) of games I’ve bought during Steam,, and Amazon sales recently.

        • that marvel superheroes game, superhero squad, or whatever the name is, looked pretty impressive to me even though its aimed at kids.

          they let you play as spiderman! they let everyone play as spiderman! kind of awesome.

          • I was actually thinking of the other one they are working on that is still a few years (?) away, but yes, the kid version looks really nice. If the fully customizable headquarters allow as much freedom of design as Free Realms’ housing does, it should be pretty neat.

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