Viddy Well: Not So Secret Anymore

February 3, 2011 at 1:24 pm | Posted in mmorpg | 9 Comments
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For me this video was a pretty big info dump on a game that’s been flying pretty low below the radar. It’s got concept art, in-game cinematics, gameplay, and all looks pretty damn good. I was particularly impressed by the combat they showed. Pretty, pretty flames.

The Secret World used to be the number 3 game I was interested in but with a lack of info and everyone talking about Rift, I think the it was pushed to 4th maybe. I’m definitely considering picking up rift as something to play before SWTOR or GW2 come out. I’m particularly interested in future comparisons between Rift’s uhm… rifts and GW2’s dynamic events.

Forgot to give credit where credit is due. Saw this at Game By Night.



  1. I know next to nothing about Secret World but from this it looks appealing. “No levels and no professions”. Only your build/power and skill as player I presume. That sounds like the direction GW2 is going but another step towards the extreme?

    • yeah I agree with you. plenty of innovative games on the horizon. The no levels thing seems directly inspired by gw i would say.

  2. I like the sound of their combat system and the “no levels no profession” bit. It’s probably a game I’ll never play, but I hope it gets traction and that it gets some creative juices going elsewhere. (I don’t particularly care for the theme and I suspect it will be M rated.)

    • i like that it takes place in pretty much modern day earth. you don’t see a lot of games taking that particular chance.

      • True, I like that part of the setting. 🙂

  3. This game is definitely on my list when I first heard about it. Considering it’s being created by the same team that did the acclaimed Dreamfall series I’m going to absolutely try the beta.

    The team has always been outside the box so their concepts and ideals aren’t all that surprising if you look at their trackrecord.

    What I like about this is it’s in a modern real world setting, refreshing after playing for so long in space or in fantasy lands.

    • I’m not really familiar with dreamfall, I guess i’ll have to look into it.

      • Dreamfall: The longest journey you should look at to get the relative feel for how Ragnar and his team does storytelling. Also it’s a good way to get an idea for what to expect from TSW as the theme for Dreamfall is similar but in a pg13 setting.

        You can always ask me in game if you got questions about it or even Odin as I got him into it too.

      • has The Longest Journey available, DRM free, for digital download (plus the usual extras they include, like soundtracks and artwork). I picked up a copy for half price during the holiday sale, but even at full price it is a good deal compared to trying to find a physical copy.

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