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Ever get tired typing out those long URL’s?

Is exhausting your fingers and giving you carpal tunnal?

Ever start to tell your friends the address of this blog and get to the wordpress part and say “Aw screw it!”

Wish you could shorten it somehow?

Well now you can!

With now you too can enjoy the swift, to the point, web address that all your other favourite sites use!

But wait there’s more!

For free, we’re throwing in all kinds of images to help promote!

There’s this one!

By Tigerfeet

And this one!

By Tigerfeet

And even this one!

By Tigerfeet

Yeah and she made this forum sig for me too. Thanks Tiger.



  1. Well done logo, its so creepy I can’t look away!

    Late congrats on the domain name too. 🙂

    • hey thanks dorothy. yeah i suppose it’s about time. been putting it off for half a year.

  2. Nice, though I just used a bookmark.

    What’s the symbol just over the right eye in the art tigerfeet did? Looks kinda like a snow covered mountain or a winter hat or something.

    Also I prefer the version with the “.com” on the ear. Looks more complete.

    Anyways, glad things are going well with your blog, keep at it!

    • Honestly don’t know, i think it was supposed to be a mere shiney spot, and if you look closely, you’re right, it looks like a brand logo of a mountain or something.

      I let tigerfeet have complete creative control over making, since she was doing it for free.

  3. Cool gfx, would look awesome on a shirt!

    • hah, yeah I don’t think a shirt is in the future.

      • sell out sell out! no really you should sell out like tony hawk.

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