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Apparently this is called Flashing Blade

I’ve been predicting for a while now that the assassin would be the next profession revealed. I’ve been pretty wrong about that. I thought the assassin would be next before the necromancer was revealed, I thought it would be next before the guardian was revealed. I was wrong.

That said Arenanet has left a pretty big hint for the next profession reveal. In an interview at Eurogamer, this tidbit was left behind.

Flannum and Peters teased that a profession for people who play sneaky rogues or assassins is on the cards, but the pair were elusive as to the others.

Maybe Eurogamer is just getting ahead of themselves, but to me this seems like a clear hint that the next reveal will be the long awaited assassin. They didn’t have to be elusive about all but one class, or mention a sneaky class of any kind. They chose to do so.

That got me thinking about my New Assassin post from August. In it I talked about a range of things, but what interests me lately is the shadowstep. I theorized then that perhaps the unique mechanic would be shadowstepping to and from enemies and allies. I still think that’s a possibility, with stealth being another, but when I watched the Zealot’s Defense skill video I saw another profession using a teleport skill.

We hadn’t seen much proof of any kind of teleport mechanic in combat until that video. I’ll let you watch it again.

It’s not a long video, but the action begins around the 8 second mark, the guardian begins to cast and then in a Ride The Lightning like move, which I later found from another interview is likely called Flashing Blade, she warps to her enemy to defend her ally.

An enemy is attacking an ally of yours. You can activate your Courage virtue, which will block the next attack. Swap to a sword and shield and use Flashing Blade to teleport in between your ally and the target, blinding the enemy.

Now if Flashing Blade blinds people then that definitely reminds me of Blinding Flash, an air elementalist skill. But I’m also reminded of the assassin skill Flashing Blades, which doesn’t appear to have any resemblance to this skill aside from the name.

But I’m getting away from the point. Can we really expect the assassin class of Guild Wars 2 to not have shadowstep at this point?

I think the answer to that seems pretty obvious but what I’m really wondering about is the unique mechanic. If guardians have a teleport, it can’t be all that unique to assassins. Flashing Blade is a skill though, so if assassins have some form of inherent mechanic that enables shadowstepping, I could get behind that.

Stealth so far has only been linked to pets, but it could be in the same boat. Some pets have stealth attacks so that doesn’t appear very unique to assassins. Is it possible there is a new, original unique mechanic for the assassin? On the other hand, some pets seem to resemble some professions over others. Perhaps a stealthy pet has stealth because it resembles an assassin?

What are your thoughts? Will the unique mechanic be stealth, shadowstep, or other?



  1. That’s really hard to corner…

    I think they mentioned the ranger itself could stealth, within limits, but I can’t recall which of the billions of articles stated that.

    I’d have to ask the masses on twitter for comfirmation.

    That does make it hard to pin-point exactly what unique mechanic will be the sin’s.

    Perhaps shadowstepping will be it? Maybe it’s the ability to stealth / ss whenever they please instead of it being a limited move, the same way the pet is the ranger’s unique mechanic but other professions can allegedly also have pets.

    Hard to say.
    I’m pretty excited, though, to find out. My rogue was my main in WoW for a long time. I dabbled with sins in GW but the odd movement in the game turned me off. I played a scout in AION which I loved up until I went ranger instead of rogue.
    I’d be glad to try such a profession again, though.

    Nice stuff!

    • Yeah you may be right about them mentioning that, but trying to sift through old interviews is so time consuming. Wish there was a wiki for stuff we learn from interviews.

      Interesting point about it perhaps being both. Switching between the two modes.

      Yeah i guess I can’t wait to find out either.

  2. Don’t forget the ranger skill Serpent Strike. That is basically the same move, just with an animation that shows the path the ranger takes.

    If it only works when the ranger is already in melee then that changes things but there is no way of knowing that. Regardless, the ranger used an ability that teleported him behind that ogre thing.

    • well i don’t know if that’s entirely true, they seem similar but its not the same skill with a different animation.

      I wouldn’t necessarily call it a teleport.

    • Hmm, it doesn’t seem to quite be the same but I do admit there are similarities. We would have to see how these moves are affected by the guardian’s protective barriers though. Moving fast and teleporting could be affected differently.

      • interesting point, will these kinds of skills be blocked by stuff like the guardians barriers? i want to know

        • I put that question up for the GuildMag interview. I imagine that a circle ward will stop it but the lines might not. At least if it is anything like the original shadowstepping that can get around obstacles as long as they end within radar range.

          • interesting that those obstacles won’t be landscape anymore, just player defenses

  3. The ranger stealth skill if I remember correctly required them to stand still. It is possible therefore that the rogue/assassin profession will have mobile stealth as their unique ability possibly with weapon skills changing when stealth is activated to allow for sneak attack mechanics and pick pocketing.

    • That’s some pretty god speculation there shongaqu, but I’m not on board with the pick pocketing idea. I just doubt we’d have that in an MMO.

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