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The map of Tyria via the two novels

I wanted to draw attention to a website Ares from the Guild Wars 2 Guru Forums has set up. He’s working on a map project, one that could uncover large swathes of Tyria before the game is even released, but I think he can explain that in his own words in his thread at GW2Guru.

I first encountered Ares during gamescom I think, when he was working with a number of people to do much the same thing in a thread at the forums. I chronicled a bit of their work in this post. This website is quite an evolution of that, and quite well done as well.

It’s powered by google maps, and uses screen shots of the world map, the above map from the Guild Wars 2 novels, and other sources.



  1. Wow, that website is awesome… oh wait…

    Hello again Hunter,
    Thanks for writing an article. I have definitely made a lot of progress since those first maps. I am glad that at least a few people are interested in my project but I am afraid that without any significant map pieces, the interest will almost completely die. Sure the maps are great, but any more improvements on the coding side is probably not worth it.

    Nevertheless I will continue and I have great hopes for the finished version. Perhaps by the end of this week I will be almost done. Until then I must get back to writing some more code. I have to do something to pass the time between now and the release of Guild Wars 2.

    Thank you again, Ares.

    • hah, yeah no problem.

      You’re doing a really good job with it, i was impressed. Maybe PAX east will provide some better screen shots or something. you never know. theres bound to be something new before the game actually ships.

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