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Your first look at an asura guardian. He looks giant here, though he's about 3 feet tall.

It’s always a thrill to see new information released about something you’re eagerly anticipating. Sure it’s not the first time you kiss a girl or bungee jumping over a ravine, but as far as every day excitement goes it’s not bad. In this case I think Arenanet really kept us waiting, the last real info dump was back in August/September with the release of The Necromancer.

All the better that we finally have our 100% solid look at the guardian. I was getting a bit tired of speculating.

Let’s go straight to the unique mechanic.

Each guardian is supported by passive benefits, but he can relinquish those benefits, passing his powers on to his allies.

It’s an interesting setup. More powerful on his own, but capable of making his team more powerful as a whole. The way he can shift from one virtue to another, almost like switching from mode to mode, to support his allies reminds me of something someone blogged but I can’t remember what.

To me, on the outside, not knowing anything else, I’m not overly impressed by the specific benefits. Aegis allowing me to shrug off one blow every 30 seconds seems pretty spread out. Fights are won and lost in 30 seconds in most games. It seems like a long time. Being able to light my foes on fire every 5 blows is sufficient, but how much damage overall will that inflict? I suppose I’m happiest with this benefit, as free degen is great and since it is caused by each team member. There is no detail about how much regen for allies or how many conditions are removed, but this is far from a monks abilities to heal. Solid evidence that the guardian is no healer.

Of course I’m sure with traits we’ll be able to change just what our virtues can do for our allies, and most likely that information will be found in interviews, that I’ll have to go through later today.

Your second look at an asura guardian. Seems to be the seraph armour. Why people saw this armour as a pointer to an entire profession when armour isn't tied to profession, I'll never know.

The unique skill types may have a clue about this.

Aegis is listed in that section as a removable boon. This seems to be seperate from the virtue ability. Perhaps a virtue can be set to deliver different boons every 30 seconds.

Spirit Weapons are another type which you can see in the skill video section under Hammer of Wisdom. Many will file this under ‘prediction: correct’ for being so similar to a ritualists spirits. I’ll grant them that it’s similar but it’s also quite an evolution. It’s much more animated and in motion. It can move and be thrown. It’s a wonderfully done improvement upon the old ritualist spirit.

Symbols are a new skill type that takes from a few different places. It reminds me slightly of the a ritualist restoration spirit only much only with a conditional cast. It’s a hammer attack of course, but it does leave a mark on the ground from which it sounds allies gain regen. Can’t wait to see more about them.

Wards were typically the specialty of the elementalist. Interesting to see them moved from their defensive realm to be shared by the guardian’s. It is quite logical however. It leaves me wondering if elementalists still use wards at all. We have seen them use various circular areas of effect, electrical, fire, that seem to be wards. Are special skill types unique to their professions or more broad than we’ve seen?

In my guardian speculation post I ruled out a staff, it didn’t seem very melee to me, but quickly in the comments it was pointed out logan, during the demo, was seen with a staff. And sure enough it’s one of the first things they draw attention to. In the second sentence.

As dangerous with a staff as he is with a mighty two-handed hammer, a true guardian is a master tactician who knows when to sacrifice his own defenses to empower his allies to achieve victory.

It kind of seems like they really wanted to emphasize that possibility.

Staff, greatsword, hammer, mace, sword, scepter, focus, torch and shield. I’m fine with everything except with the staff, scepter and focus. Do they work in melee? Obviously you can weapon shift to change roles in a fight, but do I want a heavy armoured class to be sitting at the back with a scepter and focus? Is that the optimal use of the guardian class? Hard to say without seeing it in action.

And that’s it. These profession reveal pages get shorter and shorter. Mostly because as time passes we know more and more, and less and less has to be explained to us. Still, I found myself wishing for more information about symbols, the use of the staff or scepter and focus, and all manner of things really. This profession intrigues me more than the elementalist, or the necromancer so far. I’m not normally the support type, but I could see myself playing this class.

Staff and chain. Interesting. Ascalon-like ruins. Fighting a ghost. Catacombs dungeon anyone?



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  3. i’d like to see what is the benefit torches will have; will they have pitch black dungeons? 😛 Or dynamic environment where at night there is no stars or moon?

    • well we’ve seen in ranger skill videos for instance, that it seems to activate a fire trap with its flame.

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