SWTOR Delayed?

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Double bladed lightsabers across the sky, so intense.

Bioware, as of very recently, had been sticking to their story that Star Wars: The Old Republic was coming out in the spring. Being that the spring is about 2 months away, this was beginning to peak anticipation for the game.

Well rumour has it, and it is just rumour at his point, that the game may be delayed until September. I picked it up from Gamespot who picked it up from MCV.

Surely they must have known as recently as a couple of weeks ago when they again mentioned the spring release date, that that was not going to happen. Or perhaps the person in question is just as in the dark as the rest of us.

I guess this gives all those MMO predictions doom-sayers ammo to work with, but I still think anyone who guesses that an MMO might be delayed in an industry where every MMO gets delayed is a buffoon.

Maybe this opens a window for Guild Wars 2 to be released? Summer 2011 Arenanet?



  1. Please be true. I would love a fall release over a summer one

    • I don’t care when they release as long as I don’t have to play swtor and gw2 at the same time.

      • Yes!

        That is exactly what I was thinking when I read this. Was planning to play SWTOR through on a few characters because I love the Bioware story-telling. Then to quit for GW2 release as I think it will be the superior game once the story and voice-over has lost it’s luster, and play that full time.

        As to the simultaneous release being bad for both games… I’m actually thinking Bioware believes it’s juggernaut will hurt GW2 enough to be benefited by similar releases. I hope this isn’t the case, but I could easily see it happening.

        In fact, I think any scenario in which SWTOR releases at the same time or after GW2 is going to be bad for GW2.

        • i think gw2 is going to surprise them if thats the case, i agree that gw2 will be hurt but not as much as one might think.

  2. A release around the same time could be very detrimental for both games. True innovation vs a popular franchise.

    • I do think that adding detailed story to an mmo is somewhat innovative, maybe not out of this world innovative. but you’re right. very bad idea to release at the same time for both games, even if swtor has the advantage here, and i think they do.

  3. ArenaNet/NCSoft really have a lot more in the way of options as to release dates, most likely, than BioWare/EA does. NCSoft has 3 major successful subscription games, each with between 2.5 to 4+ million current players worldwide (Aion, Lineage, Lineage II), in addition to GW1 being a big success. Plus Blade & Soul releasing in 2012 (prob).

    Bioware/EA is a bit player in comparison, at least in the MMORPG market, with, I believe, only two games (DAoC and Warhammer), which combined probably have less than 200K players. SWTOR needs to be released ASAP, while NCSoft can pretty much release GW2 whenever the heck they feel like it. If GW2 was to bomb (which I doubt), NCSoft wouldn’t take much of hit. If SWTOR bombs (which I also doubt), it would be a massive body blow to EA, based on EA’s recent financial reports.

    As long as both games don’t release in the same month I don’t see a problem. I seriously doubt EA would deliberately change their release date just to mess with GW2, that doesn’t make any sense. GW2’s lack of subscription pretty much assures the game with do well regardless of what SWTOR does.

    • “assures the game WILL do well”. Need edit button. 😀

    • if they just pushed swtor back 6 months, its not going to be released asap, suggesting much more leeway than you seem to think.

      • If it was pushed back it was because of major game issues (stuff not working), rather than any marketing reasons. ASAP still applies, ‘possible’ being the key word, as releasing a broken game would be suicide. Look how SOE delayed DCUO several months, missing the holiday season, once players let them know what a mess it was. You know marketing wasn’t happy with that! Perhaps same thing with SWTOR.

        That is actually a good sign, IMO, if EA was okay with a 6 month delay. Or a bad sign for those seeing doom and gloom. Just depends on how long EA is willing to give BioWare. EA bought them at the end of 2007, so they should get a few more years before EA runs the studio into the ground, like they have every other one they’ve bought. 🙂

  4. Not going to really give much thought to a rumor. But at the same time, so not surprising if it’s true. I’ve always said I don’t think we’ll see SWTOR until at least summer and quite possibly later.

    • 24 planets baby! time for them all to be released…

  5. Slightly off topic…
    Just wanted to say I thought your caption on the picture is hilarious. Nicely done.

    • he thanks 😛

  6. Also off topic, but it just struck me this morning that SWTOR might be quite attractive to actual role players, similar to LotRO. A story driven game (moreso than LotRO in implementation), tons of lore even if much of it is set later than SWTOR’s time, and possibly lots of new to MMO players. Hope they put in some features to cater to them, like Turbine did with LotRO.

    Now, just waiting for Hunter’s take on the GW2 Guardian release today… the videos are fun!

    • i think it will have a love hate relationship with roleplayers, part of the fun with role playing is that you make up your own story, but bioware tends to have a heavy narrative.

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