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I stole this graphic

Along with the guardian’s official release on Thursday Guild Wars 2 Guru has snagged a live developer chat in their IRC. It’s at 3pm EST and I’m sure it will focus heavily on the guardian.

Still, for those even more curious about a specific time the guardian will be released, I’m sure that it will be released long before the set time, or not long after.

I used to live in IRC, it’s hard to believe it’s still going in some form.

Anyway you can submit your questions in the forum thread, or live inside the web client during the chat. Honestly though I’ve always been pretty frustrated by most fan questions. Undoubtedly there will be someone desperate to know the name of the deep sea dragon, when they could be asking more pertinent questions that might actually get answered.

It’s at an odd time for me on Thursday but I’m going to try to be there, I wonder if I should ask something since I’m so unhappy with player questions usually.

The only question I might ask without knowing more specifics about the guardian would be “Will the guardian work well with a staff or will it be more along the lines of a warrior with a bow? A role that it would have to be specifically traited and geared for?”

Apparently something I missed after watching all those demo videos was that Logan is seen with a staff at one point. Jason pointed it out in my comments, and Elixabeth pointed it out at Talk Tyria.

I’ve yet to see the video so if anyone knows the link, that would be great.

What would you guys ask the devs?



  1. Hello Hunter! My question would be about underwater combat…will there be a set of specific skills for everyone? How have they implemented the 3 axis direction movements?

    I’d also love to know something more about potion as a measure of a fight’s toughness: what is the point in using less energy (in order to keep more for next battles) if you can finish the fight, getting potions-drunk, and then back in another fight with full ene…?

    Last but not least: character creation! I’d hate to have a bulky male Norn :-)))

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