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A planet heavy in story maybe, I'm just queshing.... ughhhhh I'm so sorry.

Quesh is the 17th planet to be revealed for Star Wars: The Old Republic. At first I thought “Kesh, is that the same planet from the Lost Tribe of the Sith free ebook series? Apparently not though, because it appears to be a brand new addition to the Star Wars universe created by Bioware for SWTOR.

It’s the 17th planet, but I thought for sure they’d have released more in the past few months. My Ilum post was on October 9th, over 3 months ago. This might mean I’ll lose my bet with mogsy about having 24 planets to explore at launch. Something she doesn’t seem willing to forget. 😦

It’s fascinating to see so many planets with the potential to be PvP centric. How many planets seems ripe for that type of conflict? And here is another. Is SWTOR that much of a PvP game or is it just the nature of war that makes us think PvP will be involved on so many planets?

I think I’ll skip concluding that Quesh is some kind of PvP planet for now, although I think it seems well suited. A poisonous atmosphere and abundant adrenals would make for a compelling PvP scenario with constant degen and buffs in play.

Another thing of note might be that Quesh is apparently in Hutt space. That makes 3 planets with heavy Hutt influence, Nal Hutta, Nar Shadda, and Quesh. It seems like the Hutts are going to be in the middle of things quite a bit. I wonder if the developers ever considered a third faction, a criminal faction. Thoughts for an expansion?

Quesh: A toxic world with swamps and marshland, it is not as lifeless as it sounds. The screenshots show installations, people walking around, roads, trees, wildlife. It’s orange color schemes and setting seem like a relief from the stereotypical selections of worlds we usually get. As is the case with most planets however, it has something one side wants, and the other side wants to protect.

In Game: There is a strong possibility of PvP but the fact that the planet is created from scratch also suggests story. Perhaps if PvP and story were intertwined this is the planet we would get. A story PvP planet? It could also just be a story planet, with surprises in store for us when we eventually get there. The video for the planet is pretty small, it didn’t seem like there was a lot done here. There are a lot of interesting area effects that could be put into play on a toxic world.

I want to kill this baby dragon

Pros: I like that it’s not a rehash of Tatooine. Even though its a marshy swamp like planet it doesn’t seem like a rehash of Dagobah or Hutta either, thought it retains that orange colour scheme from the latter. I wish they’d make more original worlds, it’s a big galaxy. If they implement some kind of toxic area effect, I’d love it. Adding that tiny bit of challenge would be great.

Cons: Like I said earlier, there doesn’t appear to be much in the video, I hope they get time to flesh out the world more. Most of the screen shots and video were of urban facilities and installations, with only one shot of a wilderness setting. I hope we can get out there more. I hope buffing drugs don’t become a necessity, as the world sort of hints at, I dislike having to pop drugs every five seconds.



  1. The downside of so many planets in Hutt space, all this orange and brown!

    While there does seem to be hints of PvP scattered all about a few of the other planets, I think evidence of it on Quesh is pretty strong. Perhaps the entire planet and not just sections of it will be one big PvP zone? If that’s the case, I can definitely see Mythic’s influence at work.

    BTW, while we’re on the topic of Star Wars, I ran a search for friends on GoodReads and saw someone named Hunter who started their account sometime in Jan, with a lot of SW books in their list. Is that you?

    • interesting point about the other planets having touches of orange too.

      There seems to be a lot of pvp going on, i just wish i knew more about it, might make it easier to point out which planets are more pvp centric.

      And yes, that’s me, I went through some star wars books I’ve read and gave them cursory star grades, not really devoting a lot of time to thinking about it. I wanted to give more accurate reviews before telling you 😛

      • LOL well, it was just by chance that I found it, I think I was letting GR run through my gmail or twitter list to find people or some such process. I was pretty sure that was you, but I didn’t look at it too hard just in case there was the off chance it wasn’t since you didn’t say anything. LOL no worries, add me up when you’re ready 😀

        • may as well add you now, just take what you see with a grain of salt. some of the books i haven’t read in 15 years, and one series is like 15 books long so its hard to remember which is which.

          • Does it happen to be the New Jedi Order series with the Yuuzhan Vong? I’m actually working through that one right now.

            • yeah exactly. There are some fairly good books in that series, and i can even recall which is my favourite, but i can’t recall the title.

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