2011 Podcast Roundup

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My podcast habits change pretty regularly. Get sick of one podcast, move on to another, try out new ones discard old ones. It’s not exactly a small attention span as much as it is having only so much time for podcasts and having too many podcasts to listen to that have the same information.

Relics of Orr, Guildcast, and GuildMag, tend to talk about the same things. Maybe not all in the same week, but it is a small information pool.

Never the less I do listen to them and it’s interesting to note the various ways they’re evolving.

I probably listen to RoO most faithfully and so know the most about it. Their most recent evolution would be this weeks experimentation with video.

I’ve always felt most comfortable with RoO out of all the Guild Wars 2 related podcasts, mostly because, I play with some of the people, read their blogs, and talk with them on vent. Other podcasts don’t really have that advantage.

As a bonus, this video experimentation showcases the women of RoO as a direct service for fanboys.

The GuildMag podcast has also been changing a lot, whether it be live shows or the smoother and more comfortable conversations the hosts have been having as they’ve grown to know each other better. With 18 shows now under their belt I think they’ve really gelled as a show.

Izari is pretty cool to play Guild Wars with too. We had some problems on a rep run and she was very gracious about it.

What I like most about the GuildMag podcast is they most often talk about the same things I’m thinking about as an ultra nerd.

But for the most polished and professional podcast, we’d obviously have to look at Guildcast. They get lots of practice I suppose from Massively, not to mention the original Guildcast which ran for a ginormous amount of episodes.

They’re probably also the most involved with their fans, not only do they get a lot of fan love in the form of emails, they tend to answer every single one of them. Crazy.

All of that shows in the actual podcast. Smooth conversations, an ability to go on tangents but eventually rein it in easily, and a sharp focus on their topics. Mostly.

Which brings me to the only non-Guild Wars 2 podcast I’m listening to lately, The AV Club. You can skip the following paragraph if you like.

They’ve started doing video version of their podcast. Its ‘sit down at a table and talk about movies/television’ format reminds me heavily of the early days of Roger & Ebert. I kind of wish it was a television show.

Other podcasts seem to have fallen by the wayside. The Multiverse is on a hiatus, I guess, with one host in Europe for several months. And even with their bi-weekly schedule I’m a little sick of Shut Up We’re Talking.

One podcast I haven’t yet checked out, but probably deserves a mention is Nox’s. He just started it up a few days ago but I haven’t had a chance to check it out. It’s apparently all about Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2, but I can’t yet comment beyond that.



  1. I really wish I had more time to listen to more podcasts. It’s just so hard to fit them in, since I can’t treat it as background noise like music, and therefore I can’t play them while reading a book or in bed while falling asleep or something.

    • I can completely understand that, and its a big reason i pick up and drop podcasts all the time. I often get weeks behind with some podcasts, or even months, and just don’t catch up.

      Heck, I’m still just trying to figure out how to talk on vent, listen to podcasts, and still be able to focus while playing. not working out so far.

  2. I

    • Wow. total post fail there.
      Anyways, I’m glad to see you like our show. We’re definitely the newbs when it comes to GW podcasts, lol.
      It’s a lot of fun, though. I’m really enjoying the live shows a lot, but I try to tell sabe and mal not to reference the chat too much cause it’s distracting I think to people who don’t listen to use live.
      We’ve been talking about doing video stuff, too, but I think Sabe is the only one with webcam stuff.

      I need to listen to RoO and GuildCast more. I’m so lazy!

      • Yeah you’re not lazy, its just that podcasts take time and there are 3 to listen to. i often get weeks and weeks behind.

    • hmmmm good point.

  3. Yeah I really wouldn’t worry about it Izari. I usually do listen to one of the other podcasts on a given week, but there’s only so much saturation you can have of any one topic. Other than The Situation.

    Or Kanye West.

    • FFFFFFFFFFFFFfe#$@ reply fail again. Every.

      • every single time.

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