Runes Of Magic Reaps What It Sows

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I played Runes of Magic for over 10 months. It was a buggy game, with middling graphics, and unimaginative story. There was something to it though. Perhaps the way it allowed a secondary class, or the way you could work on multiple quests at the same time, or maybe it was how it mixed easy gameplay with difficult challenges. I don’t know.

I ended up quitting because the endgame burns through money like wildfires through California. They just kept releasing more and more difficult endgame instances propelling you to spend more and more money.

Couple that with the ways they kept cornering people into spending even more money, the fascist-like forums, and often immature community team, I had had enough and quit.

Some people have taken the opposite approach. Scott Jennings summarizes things rather nicely.

Not only does it seem someone hacked Runes of Magic’s webpage, but he claims to have their billing information. He’s holding that information hostage with several demands.

His first demand? Stop abusing the forums. And honestly, that is not as big a surprise as it should be. RoMs forums are incredibly restricted in what you can say. Any negative criticism or acknowledgment that RoM isn’t perfect is at risk of being targeted. Post deletions, thread closings, thread deletions, bans, are all common place.

Translated I think

What really scares me is this threat.

We will release the high quality accounts (including billing access) later if frogster ignores my requests.

About half the demands he makes I semi-sympathize with. The forums are a joke, Frogster never struck me as the most honest business, updates to exploits are slow in coming, and nobody should be spied on while they’re working.

You know what I did to fix my problems with Frogster though? I stopped playing. I stopped sending them my money. I played other games with companies that do appreciate my business, and treat me with respect.

I didn’t compromise the financial security of my fellow players like some pathetic, juvenile, immature, idiot.

Frogster is not without blame either. I’ve never seen a company so willfully ruin their relationship with their own customers. It was like a time bomb ready to explode.



  1. I used to play RoM too, and the gameplay was just sad. It didn’t have a REAL dual-class system, it had MPD/schizophrenia with some tacked-on “elite skills” that made all builds cookie-cutter. Balance was a joke, every quest was a grind, and the crafting system pretty much substituted CA$H for materials. I will be glad when RoM crashes and burns, for wasting several months of my life.

    • i will agree with you on everything except the dual class system. I thought it worked pretty well, making some decisions about which class was your secondary quite important.

      • See, that’s the thing. A true dual-class system would make every possible permutation equally viable, depending on those class’s play style. But it’s not. Class balance makes it quite clear which permutations are rather broken, with the elite skills elevating it to completely OP or utter infeasibility. Either way, once you know what a player’s classes are, you instantly know pretty much what their build is, how they play, and whether you should care. FYI, I played a Warrior/Rogue, and found myself endlessly frustrated, and frequently dead.

        Secondly, the death penalty has remained essentially unchanged: Every time you die, you lose Technique Points. A “survivor” character who has not died once, has more TP invested into his skills, and thus more powerful skills than someone who has died multiple times per level, like most casual players. Since there is no way to get that lost TP back until you hit the level cap and grind for it, never mind how much of a masochist you gotta be to PLAY the game for that long, I chose to go back and play Guild Wars some more.

        • i am not so strict that i need absolutely every combination to work, thats quite a feat, but a lot of combinations did really work. take rogue for instance, rogue/knight, rogue/priest, and rogue/scout, all worked extremely well with one another, and worked in different ways. it made it a hard choice

          some games have harsh death penalites, roms was harsh but not as harsh as some. they even provided cash shop items that removed DP, I think, somewhat fairly priced, if they were on sale.

          I never had much problem working off the Death penalty by using my daily quests to remove the problem. for free.

          • I’m not talking about removing the death penalty, I’m talking about, even after you turn in that Daily Quest, you have a skewed TP:XP ratio. Because the death penalty has different %s penalty for TP and XP, after you turn in a Daily, grind it out, bought something from the cash shop, etc, afterwards, you might have gotten to the same XP you had before, but you don’t have the same TP. I noticed the difference immediately when after a death-and-daily, I re-spec, and noticed my total TP was lower. Where is that missing TP? If you consider that every dollar you give them is a positive vote, why would I give them ANY money?

            • ok good point, i admit i never noticed that problem.

  2. We have published an official statement regarding this incident in our player forums:

    Axel Schmidt
    Director Corporate Communications
    Frogster Interactive Pictures AG

  3. Oh wow, if I were you I’d be scared too.

    Seriously, some people. Vote with your wallet, don’t drag everyone else into your senseless crusade. This reminds me of that whole Minecraft debacle, it’s hard to sympathize when you’re screwing everyone else over in the process.

    • now that you mention it, yeah, that minecraft things is pretty similar. so dumb and stupid.

      I had some of the same problems this guy had, but left the game last year. thats the normal, logical, sane thing to do. not endanger other peoples good time and money.

  4. Wow the nerd rage is really getting out of hand these days…I bet this guy cusses at the screen and throws his controllers a lot too. Seriously though, this guy is taking it all a little to personal me thinks. Makes me wonder how much money he dropped on the game before he figured out how much he was wasting…

    Honestly I couldn’t care less about RoM, or Frogster, the game isn’t that good and coupled with their business practices and customer service…well I left the game and didn’t look back.

    • terrible terrible terrible community management, had okay response from customer service the one time i had a problem.

  5. Really sad someone would do this.

    I enjoyed my time in RoM, although the game itself is very mediocre to poor, especially the sometimes clunky combat or skills not working properly. Mostly, I liked the community. For a F2P game, RoM had a mostly great bunch of players, at least on my server. Almost as good as LotRO’s Landroval, which is something.

    Now Frogster is a different story. Never again will I play anything they are connected with. Lying about claims they made about the game early on, including editing their website to remove those things and then claiming they never said them (whoops, Google cache still had the originals), to outright fraud (sign up to this and we’ll give you free diamonds, except we won’t); well, enough was enough.

    I just don’t understand why so many of these game companies are so poorly run. Frogster, NCWest/NCSoft, SOE, etc., it is like they are just trying to make a fast buck and… oh… right, I get it now. 😦 Still, that doesn’t justify what this idiot did, although I understand his frustration. If you get burned by a game company walk away and warn everyone else. Don’t hurt other players in some lame attempt to get the company to change; like that will happen.

    • i enjoyed the community as well, mostly, and found the gameplay to be mediocre to good.

      in fairness i did receive free diamonds various times and had little trouble with customer service, but theyre community relations are terrible. an unending series of mishaps, bad moves, and authoritarian style of control which really sits wrong with most people.

      and yes, in the end, the villain here isn’t frogster, its that dbag hacker.

      • I would have listed the combat as fair to good, except over time more and more skills stopped working, as in ‘cool down has not expired’ and that skill doesn’t have a cool down. Or ‘you are too far away to use that skill’ when I’m standing right next to the monster, ‘you can’t see target’, again right next to it, and so on. It was like each update would break more things and not much was ever fixed.

  6. Greetings from Germany,

    my name’s Mike “Silberfuchs” Kiefer, Lead Community Manager at Frogster Europe for the Runes of Magic Community.

    Of course I agree that everyone is entitled to his or her own thoughts and how to share them for others.
    What I’d like to add though is a in my aoppinion missing link: that to our statement, explaining a couple things.

    My first question here is to which forums you’re referring. As you’re most certainly well aware we support both Europe and US, as well as the newly joined family of Australia.
    My second question, if you allow, would be in regard to your playtime and experience during said time. Which year and during what time were you an active member of our communites?

    The reason behind these questions are that during the last 12 months a lot of changes happened within our companies, in the end especially for Frogster America. Maybe I can shed some light here, if you let me.

    Sincerely yours,

    Mike “Silberfuchs” Kiefer
    Lead Community Manager Runes of Magic
    Frogster Europe

    • I was a heavy player from march 2009 to january 2010. i admit a lot of time has gone by but I can only go by my experience at the time.

      It was the american servers as well, but I did occasionally visit the european forums and although they seemed better I wasn’t thrilled with some of the actions there either.

      I can remember a specific instance of the vast majority of player written guides (on the european forums) being deleted, with some silly reasoning behind it. That shows real lack of faith, trust, and respect for your own player base, the ones who play your game the most and actually use the forums from which the guides were deleted.

      A lot of work went into those guides. I could go on and on about how that was a terrible move on the part of the people in charge.

      Anyway, it’s all in the past. I no longer play. Thanks for coming by my blog, but for MMO blogs if you want to try to do more damage control is far more read than i am.

  7. That’s the problem with so-called F2P MMOs they’re aren’t really that. You play for free then bam there’s a wall and you can’t continue on the path unless you pay and after that point you’re nickle and dimed.

    • For me I knew what i was getting into long before i ever paid a dime to RoM. It’s not an issue if you know what you’re doing.

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