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That hammer has to be the ice breaker

We’ve been seeing glimpses of the Kodan for some time now. At first, from concept art, people thought these giant polar bear people were norn in bear form. Soon enough we knew that Kodan wasn’t an individual but a race of bear people.

That was it though, we really didn’t know much beyond what we saw in concept art. They lived on floating iceberg cities, they were super cute, wore armour, and really that’s about it.

Well Arenanet wants us to know more, they’ve posted a blog entitled The Wisdom and Power of the Kodan. It’s a very extensive look at the lore surrounding the race of bear people.

What I find more interesting about this, than anything else, is that the Kodan are not a playable race in Guild Wars 2. They are not, as far as I know so far, integral to the story of Guild Wars 2. The fact that they would dig so deep into the lore to provide a culture and hierarchy for one race of many supporting races is so telling of the lengths that Arenanet is willing to go. They love the world they’re working in, and they want to deepen it.

What are some of the important lore details that we learn from this blog post?

Well they seem to think of themselves as above everyone else, and enlightened. Only they understand the balance. More advance than the other races. Plenty of room for conflict there, if anything were to set them on the opposite side to our own story.

They seem to worship a balance of nature. Being that they aren’t pacifists I expect this could come into play in several ways, but my major question involves the dragons. If the dragons are so immense and powerful that they can be described as a Force of Nature, how do the Kodan react to that?

Of course I think what people will find most interesting is the notion that norn may be descended from kodan or devolved forms of kodan. Hard to say how likely this is considering norn are also blessed by raven, wolf, and snow leopard. If it’s a red herring for flavour, it’s a good one.

I’m very impressed by the very idea of the Kodan. As a fantasy concept it’s quite good. A race of sentient polar bears that live and travel aboard gigantic icebergs. Fantastic.

It has been said that once Arenanet saw concept art for the warrior bears, they just had to find a way to incorporate them into the game, so I hope they don’t end up being a tacked on addition that feels awkward.

I hope that there are more updates like this in the future for some of the other races. Giving us this much on the Kodan is great, giving us more on the skritt, krait, hylek, and quaggan would be even better.

A kodan render, I think he has a bit of a slouching problem



  1. This blog post was a pleasant surprise, considering I wasn’t aware of the Kodan at all until today. I’m happy to see more lore out, if for nothing else than to give me something else to think about. And I agree, I do want to see more of the others, particularly the Quaggan. They’re cute.

    • All the best clues in the beginning were concept art. How are quaggan cute? They’re like deformed hippos or something.

      • I think the Quaggan are cute too, probably because of their personalities. They get mad then feel sympathetic and sad, it’s cute lol. I absolutely adore lore articles, so I enjoyed this very much.

        • ok maybe personality wise they’re cute. physically not so much.

          • They’re cute because QUAGGAN SAAAAAAAAAD. D:

            • Lol, awwww. 😛

  2. Two thumbs up if they are going into this kind of depth for most of the sentient non-player races!

    • indeed. And you just know that this is not the end of kodan lore, there will be more in game.

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