The Handy Dandy Guide To Common Misconceptions About Guild Wars 2

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As a big Guild Wars 2 fan (it’s so odd to say that about a game that isn’t out yet) I tend to notice when other bloggers mention the game. With the recent spate of predictions posts and 2011 previews I saw a few things that irked me. A lot of misconceptions about the game (understandable since the game isn’t out yet) and wanted to address some of them.

For the most part these misconceptions are easily corrected by simply taking a closer look at what information we have. A passing glance just isn’t enough to pass judgement in my opinion and according to some blog posts I’ve read, that’s what some people are doing.

“I don’t want to play it unless I know for sure I can jump!”

Well stick a lollipop in it Sally, you can jump. There was an announcement in pcgamer about 3 years ago declaring, the very first thing we knew about Guild Wars 2, you can jump. Not good enough? Well there are interviews where they talk about jumping and the new Havoc engine, there are skill videos, trailers, and the demo provided overflowing examples(1:20 – 1:35) of characters jumping.

If you need more proof than that, you’re doing something wrong.

“That game is going to be heavily instanced! I’m not looking forward to that!”

There will be instances, yes. Dungeons and your Personal Story will be in instances. The rest of the game is in an open world, with other players running around. Not sure how you could have missed this since their whole game is based on Dynamic Events (1500 of them) and other players being able to join in. Another one of those things announced early on and then talked about and then proven in the gamescom/PAX demo.

Research people.

“It’s not coming out in 2011!”

Nobody knows when it’s coming out. I doubt they’d start releasing trailers in 2009, several professions and a demo in 2010, all to not release it in 2011, but I suppose that’s possible. The problem here is you seem convinced it won’t come out in 2011, where the rest of the world isn’t so confident.

The worst part of this is all the people making know-it-all predictions like “I think it will release in mid-to-late 2011.” Oh you do Sherlock? Could you be a little more vague? Count that one up as a victory in next years predictions post I guess.

“I think these Dynamic Events might be scripted!”

Did you think they ran on unicorn tears? It’s a video game with a sequence of events affected by what you do or do not do. Are you expecting them to hire a GM to supervise every event they have so there is a human touch involved?

You have to accept there is going to be some amount of automation when it comes to these things.

“If it doesn’t take a long time to get to the next level, doesn’t that make leveling meaningless!?”

Who says levels have meaning to begin with? If it’s just some pointless upgrade for time spent, and all you have to do is just keep playing, then I don’t see any meaning.

In Guild Wars 2 you level up in power early on, and everything after that is mere achievement. It’s what levels should be. The game becomes about skill, not grinding out levels. Skill has meaning.

I don't get it. I need a flow chart to understand this.

“I’ve got a bad feeling about Guild Wars 2”

You’ve got bad feelings about Guild Wars 2 because you’ve been burned by other games not living up to your high expectations. Guild Wars 2’s fault? No. Your fault for putting all your precious eggs into one basket.

Games are great to get excited about, but don’t lose your shit over it.

“You’re really bad at segues into your conclusions Hunter!”

Yes, yes I am.

I’m sure there are tons of other misconceptions to draw from but overall there is only one left I would like to address. Some people think the game will suck. Among these people are some of the games closest followers. Weird isn’t it? Nerds who fervently follow a game only to negatively portray it at every turn? Convinced the game will not be playable or even fun.

All I have to say to that is I hope you drown in the river of tears you just cried out.

The game is not out yet. Let’s hold off on judgement until we can at least get our feet wet.


  1. At least GW2 is gonna be better than Rift: PoT.

    • So you’ve tried out the beta then?

  2. Hey Hunter. Something else I’d like to point out is that I’ve noticed a lot of bitching about lack of character creation. Norn are too short, asura are too shiny and cute, etc. Well.. in this video, he mentions how *EXTENSIVE* character creation is, and uses emphasis, generally meaning it’s very important:

    Maybe that’s something else you could talk about/add.

    Great article. I, myself, am also tired of misconceptions and also prejudgment. Come on people.. use common sense and do research or wait for information to release. After that, you can bitch about it lol.

    Apologies for the long message.

  3. OH.. and the people who think NCSoft makes Guild Wars. Those are my favorite. πŸ™‚

    • I tend not to change posts after I post them, but those are good suggestions. still debating whether or not to add anything.

      do not apologize for long responses, I get much longer ones sometimes.

      • No problem. Great article, I enjoyed it.

    • Um, NCSoft owns ArenaNet lock, stock, and barrel. They have the final say on everything as they own everything. Generally, NCSoft has taken what seems to be a very hands off approach, which is actually amazing considering the disaster that was Tabula Rasa, where NCSoft should have realized the money pit that was becoming early on. Let’s just hope the clueless management at NCWest stay as far away as possible from GW2; they’ve already damaged Aion through mismanagement, not to mention a few outright lies.

      • well what I think he was really addressing was the difference between a studio and what ncsoft essentially is, a publisher. Sure they own arenanet, but arenanet are the hands on makers of the game.

      • Um, ArenaNet is developing Guild Wars 2, not NCSoft. If NCSoft doesn’t agree with something, that means that *ARENANET* has to change it.

        • You are right they could do that, but NCSoft seems to realize that Arena Net knows what it is doing and is keeping it’s hands off.

  4. Oh, thank Dwayna you made this post. I resolved not to do that anymore :).

    • Hopefully this is the last time I have to post about this, but blogging being what it is, I doubt it.

  5. Not to name a specific blog (which I no longer follow, but followed a link to today), which so completely misrepresents GW2’s dynamic content, it just makes me want to move to another planet sometimes. To top it off, he even describes what he thinks dynamic should be, and it is almost word for word what GW2 is doing. Arrrrrgghhhh! πŸ˜€

    Thanks Hunter, it helps knowing there are some bloggers that don’t just make stuff up about games they don’t like, or don’t get free beta accounts for, or whatever the reason for doing something like that is.

    • yeah i saw that. ridiculous. the crazy part is I know he’s read up on the subject and looked into it, the problem is, he still doesn’t believe it. he’s got it in his head that arenanet are liars or something.


  6. I love Hunter. I really look forward to some more cool stuff with you in the coming few short months/years till the games release! One good thing about being old, time friggen flies by. GW3 is going to be here any decade now and GW2 might just be here before the end of the year. What more do you want eh? A profession release before my next pay day? I like the odds. It’s coming, nothing can stop it and hell I’ve got awesome games to play while that happens, and heaps of time to save up my leave so I can play for a few days on its release. I still not sure if I want to play the beta even if it is short, so till I’ve made my mind up on that, no rush people.

    • Oh, and as for those who don’t know what they are on about; go play something else. I don’t want you playing in GW2 with me.
      Dont let em upset you, if they miss the game, that’s their own mistake. Right now, if they label something with GW (one or two). Man I am sucked into this stuff; I love having something to get into.

    • Making a game takes time, not sure why so many people get upset about time frames. It’s like they never had parents who said ‘no’ when they wanted something.

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  9. Another misconception that annoys me is that monthly fees are needed to keep the children and the riffraff out.

    #1 Plenty of kids and losers play games like WoW despite the monthly fee. I’ve never noticed a greater degree of immaturity in GW. In fact, I was always amazed at how comparatively civil PvP is.

    #2 I imagine working adults (that don’t live in their parents’ basement) are more put off by monthly fees than the kiddies are because we have more financial responsibilities and tend to be more frugal, especially these days.

    #3 Some children are more mature than some adults.

    • Oh, and that the content will suffer in GW2 because there is no monthly fee (even though you still had to buy new content in addition to paying monthly fees in other games.) In fact, any misconception or hysteria over “cash shops” should be easily ruled out by observing micro-transactions in the original.

      Just look at all the new content they’ve put out in the past year that they could easily have made players pay for. They could have done a “War In Kryta” bonus pack, but no, they gave it to us for free. The only new additions to the shop have been purely cosmetic costumes. If they haven’t become Greedy McGreedersons yet, it’s unlikely they will later when GW2 comes out.

    • it seems like you’ve thought about this a lot. plenty of points made here, although i would suggest that a lot of this just comes down to “it will have/change to a monthly subscription fee.

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