Guild Wars 2 College Fan Art

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I was looking over my twitter feed and noticed that Elixabeth, self described aspiring people-person type, had posted some fan art.

I believe I’ve posted some of her fan art before during the whole Obey vs Dismantle fan art war.

In any case I liked the design and skill she shows with these pieces.

Home of the Fightin' Golems!

At the College of Dynamics we strive to be better than you.

Building crazy floating geometric objects since 1078 AE

We know so little about The Eternal Alchemy or the 3 schools associated somehow with character creation. I love that she’s gone ahead and made posters for each school. Awesome work.

Now all we need is posters for the Nightmare Court, The Dream, Bear Spirit, Wolf Spirit, Ash Legion, the 6 gods, I suppose this just goes on forever.



  1. I like your alt texts for the photos. 😛 …a lot.

    • hah, thanks. The ones actually on the poster are so perfect though. classy, definite sense of a college kind of slogan.

  2. I love the first one. There’s just something about the Asura that really intrigues me. Well that, and golems are awesome.

    • For some reason I find the middle one to be more Iconic. but yeah they’re all good.

  3. See this fan art. Russian vodka…axaxaxaxa

    • hmmm so are you a fan of the kodan or of getting wasted? 😛

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