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When I first saw that GuildMag would have an interview with Jeff Grubb, I assumed it would be all about Edge of Destiny. The timing would have been bang on and a little hype couldn’t hurt the book.

I put the interview on the backburner, I wasn’t entirely interested in another interview on the subject.

Getting around to it today I discovered it’s actually much more of a lore interview, focusing very little on the book. There are plenty of hints and pointers at Guild Wars 2 lore. In fact I’d go so far as to say he addresses some (if not the name of the deep sea dragon that I’m sure some nerd is outraged by) long standing questions, like the nature of The Great Dwarf.

My favourite bits.

The northern parts of the Maguuma Jungle have dried out, creating the wastes (the southern regions, where the asura and sylvari have set up their nations, are considered part of the Tarnished Coast). This change has been attributed to the rise of the Elder Dragons, but that has not been confirmed, and there may be other nefarious agents at work.

Primordus has remained beneath the surface, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t moved around. He has been clearing huge tracks of the underground regions of the world, and his activities have sent a number of other races to the surface, including one that the asura are all-too-familiar with – the rodential skritt.

Two words – Tengu City.

And oh yes, the Wizard’s Tower in Kessex Peak is still around, but has been towed to a new location by its current owner.

Tengu city? I WANTS! Anyway, check out the interview over here.



  1. Just saw the tweet from ArenaNet on that and enjoyed reading it. Lots of tasty lore tidbits! I’m hoping the books do well enough that there will be more, some set in present day GW2, in GW1 times, and before that.

    ArenaNet supposedly has a big ongoing secret project that isn’t GW2. I’ve always hoped that it might be similar to the Warhammer / Warhammer 40K time split (which Blizzard copied as Warcraft/starcraft). It would be interesting to see a GW inspired future. But it would also be something to see what ArenaNet might come up with in a vastly different setting.

    • Ghosts of Ascalon is good enough that I want to buy more in hopes other books will be that good.

      Whatever their secret project is/was i doubt its very big. I mean i know i’d like it to be some reasonably sized RPG or something, but its probably some casual online game or maybe it was the prototype “extended experience” team, or hell, maybe it was cancelled.

  2. Hey, don’t underestimate us! :p

    The lore interview was a request from our ‘lore writers’ and I’m more than happy with the answers we got. There’s a lot of stuff that gives hope for a bright future.

    Thanks for posting! =)

    • yeah to be honest, i think this is the 2nd time i’ve done this, put something of yours on the backburner and didn’t read it immediately.

      I’ll have to be more proactive in the future.

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