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For me the reason to play Star Wars: The Old Republic is the story. The reason to play is the cinematics. I love Bioware’s work in other games, why should that change because SWTOR is an MMO?

Others seem to think that any deviation from the normal MMO fare means Bioware is making a horrible game. They want WoW (or whatever their favourite MMO is) only with Star Wars.

Well I want Mass Effect 2, only with Star Wars, and other people.

Friday’s update just drives that home for me. The voice acting is superb, there are different resolutions, and it all feels very Bioware. Like an actual RPG only online.

The very fact that they have someone doing cinematic design suggests the care being put into the game. In other games the people most looking after how the story is delivered to you would be the grammar editors, or the User Interface designers making sure those text boxes you’re reading from look good.

Yes, this certainly suggests a heavy emphasis on story. I just don’t see why other people think there’s something wrong with that. It boggles.



  1. Wow. Those Cinematics look(and sound) really good. (Mass Effect 2 good)

    I wish GW2 would change the way the Conversation scenes are.(refer to the Demo where there’s one charactor pop up and speak, It make me feel kind of…. waste of the Voice Actor.)

    • I think they’re interesting, beautiful even. Slightly take you out of the moment but they’re much improved upon the gw scenes.

  2. Since Cataclysm, I’m starting to see the new quests in WoW flirting with cinematics, and in general I think the reception has been good. This is a good sign to me; I think it’s paving the way for SWTOR’s story driven thing and their cinematics to make a big splash.

    • Yeah i was wondering about that, i’ve been hearing about the surge in cinematics but haven’t seen much actual reaction. if the reception is good, i agree, good sign.

  3. With SWG showing its age and the rest of the SciFi games being mostly just spaceships, I think SWTOR will appeal to those that want more character/story play, and that want that in a non-fantasy setting. Well, I see SW as fantasy actually, with a sci-fi flavor; but then an Asimov, Anderson, or Niven game probably wouldn’t be as much fun: Foundation Trilogy the MMORPG? No thank you. Ringworld or the Terran Empire from the Dominic Flandry stories would be interesting MMORPG settings!

    • thats a good point about most sci fi games revolving around space ships. the only other sci fi game with a lot of running around i can think of is AO. at that are out right now.

      As a long time SW fan i see it as sci-fi with a fantasy flavour. There are plenty of scifi concepts, and only a few fantasy ones. People just hone in on the jedi fantasy ideas and declare star wars as fantasy.

      • I did just start playing KotOR and it is very SciFi-ish so far. And a lot of fun! I really should put it on hold and continue with Mass Effect 1, but it has that same ‘I’ll just check out this next section and then get to bed – but end up playing another hour’ type game play.

  4. Ya know, at first I was incredibly disappointed with the graphics and the animations, and was pretty sure that I wasn’t going to end up buying this–but while I still feel a little underwhelmed with the graphics, something about it’s simplicity is actually starting to feel refreshing. After playing the Rift beta this last weekend I realized that having a game that looks ‘perdy’ doesn’t really mean squat.

    And overall, the animation of the characters in these cutscenes is well done–the facial expressions, the mouths matching the words… Something that wouldn’t look as good if they were trying to look too realistic.

    Overall I can feel myself warming up to SWTOR the more I hear about it, but I still have more hope in GW2. Good thing that nothing says I can’t enjoy both, when the time comes.

    • I don’t see why anyone would be disappointed with the graphics, they’re perfectly fine. I haven’t seen a single thing where i thought, oh that’s ugly. yet people keep repeating the graphics are bad like they’re playing a game from 1992.

      They’re fine.

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