Edge of Destiny: Live Blog Part 2

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I stopped about half way through Edge of Destiny yesterday and some of the comments in the post are telling I think. One thing MMOGC mentioned is the fighting. There is a lot of it. The vast majority of the book so far rolls from one fight to the next. The only character I’ve gotten a sense of identity from is Eir. Her angst about seeing her people unable to defeat the Icebrood, the issues with her father, and her drive to find some way to do something, anything, to fight the Dragonspawn. She’s very interesting.

That’s all subject for the review of course, so I’ll just make the shallow observations I usually do starting now.

5:31 – Dragonspawn’s Destiny, I was more expecting the book title. How many Edge of Steel and Dragonspawn’s Destiny guilds will be in Guild Wars 2 do you think?

5:37 – Kind of wish they stood there a little longer, looking at each other agape. That would have been quite original.

5:43 – Was pleasently surprised that Zojja and Snath didn’t immediately bring golems in. The sand was a nice touch.

5:46 – Interesting use of the word engineers. Hard to read into it of course.

5:50 – Ahhh here’s the line Spirit Hime ruined for me. Yes we can force you to join us, but we dont’ want henchmen. We want heroes. Nice word play Mr. King.

5:55 – Edge of Dragonspawn’s Steely Destiny. Obviously that should be the title of the book.

6:02 – More Eye of the North lore. Wish it went a little more in depth, but an account of what happens to Gunnar’s Hold is note worthy.

6:09 – Ahhh tattoos. An ancient bonding ritual if ever there was one.

6:13 – I’m telling you, logan/rytlock slash fic. It just will be.

6:18 – I wonder if charr horns are sensitive. These are the thoughts of a giant nerd, people.

6:27 – More blue hammer man. The shield I expect we observed early on at gamescom.

6:36 – I am liking the finale to this fight. Thought it was cleverly done.

6:45 – Ahhh love. What does that mean to plant creatures?

6:56 – Sword in the stone moment. Didn’t that interview with King say he had worked extensively in Arthurian legend? She has been found wanting.

7:03 – Rytlock can’t swim. Cat humour. Tigerfeet will have a field day.

7:10 – Interesting sea battle. The undead not being held by the sway of the ocean.

7:16 – Yarrrrrrrr a pirate battle it be! Yar har fidle e dee….

7:26 – Is it me or did Morgus go down a little quick. Nice ending, but no preamble.

7:33 – Uhm, another champion. Okay. Rytlock is pretty funny in this scene.

7:36 – These letters between Logan and Jennah are so odd. They speak of emotions and closeness they haven’t earned. Not only that but the wording itself is so formal. I know she’s a queen and everything but…. whatever.

7:43 – From fight to fight to fight, and all without too much trouble. Must be nice.

7:51 – I wonder if the destruction of dragon champions is a convenient way to explain why Zhaitan is the main foe in Guild Wars 2, while Jormag and Primordus are apparently taking a back seat. Surely it’s easier for Zhaitan to replace one of his generals, apparently pretty weak, than for Jormag to find another Dragonspawn with similar power.

7:58 – I never like reading the words holocaust. It’s just too synonymous.

8:05 – I guess this means we’re off to the grove. Cool description of the tumor. That growth on her, just picturing it is kind of gross.

8:16 – Oh shiizle, Glint in the rizzle mah pizzles.

8:27 – Fairly comical trip through peoples heads. A bit sentimental.

8:31 – In guild wars you go through 3 desert missions, the ascension, and that deposits you in the dragon lair mission which takes you to Glint. In EoD, they walk through a pass in some cliffs.

8:51 – Lots of cool stuff. The rise of Kralkatorrik, drops of his blood, a crystal spear, and Glint is going to fight instead of sitting on her butt while I kill hundreds of titans and the Lich.

9:11 – I’m enjoying the climax. Kind of want to smack Logan. Makes the breakup of the guild a little more understandable.

9:24 – Finally somebody gets killed off. It is about time. A little disappointed this far into the book that they never really recruited anyone else into the guild.

9:56 – Uh oops, sorta let the live blog fall away as I read the ending. Short epilogue really, but I thought the emotion was well played out, and it certainly sets the stage for Guild Wars 2. Certainly got a better grasp on Caithe as the novel went on, and the ending certainly does fit well with the events.

Anyway if you stuck with me thanks for reading. Review will be up in the next few days.


  1. Yes sir, that’s me, ruining your book, one contextless quotation at a time.

    • Yeah don’t think you’re getting away with it. I notice you spoiling things.

  2. Everything in the book was utterly predictable until the very end. I didn’t expect Logan to for the lack of a better word “flake” out like that. But it made me want to cringe because it was just so forced. Your comment about his “relationship” with Jennah (if you can even call it that) is spot on. Seriously, you’re willing to throw everything away after just a short meeting and a few letters? I mean, it’s not out of the realm of possibility, but the execution wasn’t handled very well. The correspondence between them felt so awkward and unnatural. Which is a shame because if something could have been done to *really* drive that part home, to make me really buy this bond between the two of them, the scene where Logan leaves would have been that much more amazing. It would have left me just as torn, instead of making me want to slap him silly. Maybe they should have made it more about his brother. If he left because he found out Dylan was in mortal danger, I’d probably sympathize more with his decision.

    But yeah, ending was good. After getting used to them having one victory after another, I truly didn’t see the epic failure coming. And why do they always kill off the cute little Asura that I like 😦

    • You’ve really managed to hit the nail on the head with a lot of this, in fact most of this is going in my review one way or another. The more I think about the book the more I know it just doesn’t measure up to ghosts of ascalon.

      It must be very difficult to write game fiction, having to measure up to other writers who’ve written in the same universe, have to conform to lore that is not your own, have to follow plot and history points that will be in the game, too many hands in the kitchen as it were. I think it falls flat generally. I might give it a slightly better score than your 2 out 5 stars though. perhaps 2.5 or 3.

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