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Oh for I have heard the clamouring masses. The outcries and pleas for a live blogging of Edge of Destiny, the 2nd novel in the Guild Wars novel trilogy. And behold! I have come.

After a couple of failed attempts to pick up the book yesterday, I made a thorough examination of the Chapters website and discovered that the big box store across town, and only the big box store across town, had several copies. 22 in fact.

Well now they have 21.

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of Matt Forbeck’s writing and Jeff Grubb’s lore and background in the first book, and have been anticipating Edge Of Destiny for some time.

J. Robert King is pretty unknown to me, although many have suspected his involvement in the series from early days when he made a comment on Matt Forbeck’s blog about writing in the Guild Wars 2 universe.

That said I never really ventured to check out his work.

Anyway, enough foreplay. Onwards.

5:59 – They keep mentioning that his kid named his hamster Rytlock. Not sure why they find that so adorable. I named my PC Grimlock, do I get any credit for that? Noooooo.

6:05 – Only difference in timeline is forming of the guild. Yes it took me 7 minutes to do that.

6:06 – Map appears to be the same. I was hoping for more hints.

6:09 – Ahhh Destroyers. Awesome. Those without access to Eye of the North may miss out on the reference *wink*

6:13 – Great introduction to the Nightmare Court, the sylvari villains in Guild Wars 2. All in all a good prologue, introduces characters in a clean, decisive manner, introduces concepts without nattering on. Good start.

6:17 – Not a fan of the personification of animals. That may have something to do with my deep seated hatred for pets. Like the Alpha angle though.

6:23 – Anyone else think “here comes Gullik” when Sjord walked in?

6:25 – Ursan Blessing to carve a wooden statue of a fool. Seems like a misuse of the bear spirits power.

6:31 – Due to concept art, these frozen over foes are not much of a surprise. But I do like the concept. Instead of undead rotting corpses, frozen over ice husks of former comrads.

6:36 – Sort of telegraphed the Silas thing. Not a fan of chisels being a part of the battle. I know they’re crafters, but even crafters should probably have a nice battle axe in this world.

6:42 – If you’ve got regular shipments coming via Asura Gate, do you need supply caravans that travel over land? Surely that’s inefficient. Maybe in GoA the gate is new. Can’t recall.

6:46 – Oh uhhh, I guess that answers that then.

6:50 – Really? A rockslide ambush? I don’t mind cliche’s done right. Not a fan of this cliche. The charr conflict seems a bit forced as well. It’s a trap!

6:53 – Damn Sohothin. I knew Rytlock had a Fiery Dragon Sword, didn’t know it was Rurik’s.

6:59 – I can’t wait for the Logan/Rytlock slash fic.

7:02 – Puffed up posers. Suddenly I recall high school.

7:06 – Think I like Zojja already.

7:11 – Loving the description of Rata Sum, visions of the races trailer going through my head.

7:13 – The forums will be a twitter about airships now. I’m on page 44 or so, just for the record.

7:14 – Is it me or does “lass” sound utterly wrong coming from a genius asura.

7:17 – I hope Zojja doesn’t go and get a big head because of the statue. Oh yes, there will be lame puns in this live blog as well!

7:21 – Sohothin is sort of reminding me of a lightsaber, but then I am a huge Star Wars nerd.

7:26 – Ogre battle! Anyone remember that game? Knowing rytlock and logan guild up, I suppose it had to be this way.

7:32 – Anyone want to put money down on some quest tied to this battle at some point?

7:39 – Red Alert? Danger? Sirens? Nope. Anomaly!

7:42 – lol, threw up in his mouth. cute little asura!

7:46 – What do you think. Rytlock, Logan, and Caithe as the 3 stooges, or the Marx brothers?

7:52 – Having had so many fights with devourers myself, it’s actually quite interesting to see it described in detail.

7:54 – Wow Ogres age at least 240 years?

7:59 – Ogres that aren’t half-wits. Don’t see that very often. I have to say, the ogres catch up to the 3 of them after how long? That is some fast, fast, fast running. Even for giant ogres.

8:06 – I think I’m enjoying the whole youthful arrogance vs the reality of mortality storyline. Obvious where it heads, but mostly due to absence later on.

8:16 – The women return not at all. That’s foreboding.

8:21 – For some reason I’m a big fan of finding abandoned cities. Also: Coitenly! nyuck nyuck nyuck! whoop whoop whoop!

8:32 – I think they could use a little Stout-Hearted right about now.

8:42 – That would make for a pretty good boss fight. Something that freezes you every so often unless you turn away from it.

8:46 – Guardian aura eh? Name of the spell or the blue mace people? We’ve also seen that Logan’s magic protects and snares. support and control.

8:51 – Geez it’s kind of like an advertisement for Guild Wars 2’s trinity of control, support, and dps. Kind of.

8:55 – Don’t know why I know this but rabbit is terrible for nutrition.

9:10 – An officious norn bureaucrat. At least he’s not drunk.

9:12 – Come to think of it why does an independent, pirate infested, free city need reasons from them to enter? not very piratey.

9:14 – Everything’s for sale in Lion’s Arch. Meaning it’s the main location for the auction house.

9:22 – Touches of Indiana Jones, sherlock holmes. Last thing I expected to read about in this book was bear baiting.

9:29 – Ah the old “everybody gets thrown in jail” trope. I wonder what tvtropes calls that. Let’s hope Magnus is in the game. It’d be awesome if he, like Dhuum, appeared and banned botters/spammers/cheaters in LA in gw2.

9:34 – There’s an idea. If norn ships are built to norn specs, what do asura, charr, and sylvari ships look like. Can’t wait to see the LA harbour. Maybe we’ll even see some canthan and istani/kournan ships?

9:43 – Morgus Lethe eh. I got dibs on his head.

9:50 – Herding undead for fights in the arena. That’s something you don’t read every day.

9:59 – Hah, two-legs. Classic centaur insults. I need more bookah references though.

10:01 – Have to admit, a little confused by the chirurgeon term. Not familiar with it inside or outside gw lore. Haven’t figured out the etymology of the word yet either.

10:04 – Unnecessary brutality. Could be a good guild name.

10:11 – Gotta say, Caithe is not matching up to the idea I had of her after the races trailer. I suppose time passes between that and this book, but in the trailer her voice and attitude were knowing and intelligent, and wise. Philophical. Here she’s wide eyed, innocent, eager. Not at all the haughty intellectual.

10:21 – The use of mesmer magic to display an image, kind of like a jumbotron, in an arena. Just thought i’d comment.

10:31 – A flying harpy destroyer. Okay. I just don’t get flying stone, even if it is magic.

10:40 – Not really feeling the romance angle, if that’s whats going on, between the queen and logan. Surely it’s a red herring. we’ll see.

10:53 – That is some extensive mesmer magic, day tripping through logan’s head.

10:54 – Clearly if Eir is a strategic genius, she’s going to win this next battle.

Okay I’m exhausted. Been reading for hours. Sorry To end this live blog before, you know, the end of the book, but I’m on page 200 and that’s only half way. Tune in tomorrow for part 2.


  1. Damn, you read fast and hard. I followed up to around 8pm, and then I had to take a break from the book. So far it’s pretty good, and the writing is solid…but it didn’t “hook” me as quickly as GoA did. There’s still a lot though, and I’m looking forward to reading more.

    • Yeah I like it, but I don’t like it as much as GoA. All the same elements are there but I don’t think it quite matches up to the surprisingly good quality of GoA. So far it tends more to the safer roads. More used cliches. slightly less barbed insults, slightly less sharp witticism. Theres still half the book to go though and I am enjoying it. so we’ll see.

      • Okay, I read a little more and my opinion of the writing has gone down slightly. It *is* a little cliched but I kinda do like the cheesy insults between the human and charr 😛

        I’m also not sure I like how he handled the two separate stories at the beginning. I know a lot of books and authors do that, but in EoD the stories feel disjointed as ever. And I just realized about 85% of what I’ve read has been about descriptions of fighting or leading up to fighting so far 😛

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