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A while back Arenanet said they were moving into a phase of preparing another profession for release. I commented on that in this post. It seemed pretty obvious that we’d learn something in the new year.

I’m not sure why they had to take another step beyond that but on Guild Wars 2 Guru, Martin Kerstein started a thread entitled “Next Profession Reveal Confirmation”.

As a little Christmas present – we will show you folks a new profession in January.

For the super nerds who of course asked for a more specific date.

Sometime between the 1st and the 31st

So essentially we already knew that, it isn’t a really big surprise. However the forum thread is already 15 pages long. I think that’s a sign of sheer boredom. Nice timing on their part as people are assuredly on christmas break from school by now.



  1. It’s a bit of a pretense – I mean, we knew a profession was coming, we knew they needed to keep the hype machine rolling, and we know that if a profession has to come out, it’s coming out regardless of the company’s desire to give fans a “Christmas present.”

    Am I grateful for re-confirmation? Surely. Am I excited to see the new profession? YESYESYESYES. Did I take time to post a “*squee*ThanksANET!” on that thread? Yeah. But it’s not a Christmas present any more than the release will be a birthday present to whomever happens to share a birthday with the release date.

  2. Golly, that sounded cynical. I’m not a cynic, I swear.

    • It did sound cynical, and if it’s one thing I love it’s cynicism. If we wanted to get even more cynical we could say they were pandering to the clamouring masses hoping to stave off negative backlash.

      I am a cynic, I swear.

      however, it was nice of them, they didn’t have to say a word, and any sort of confirmation is good news. It’s great that we won’t have to wait too much longer.

      • It WAS nice of them. A little confirmation is like an early present, and the profession reveal will be a nice way to start off the new year.

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