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Just something I thought was amusing. It’s kind of misleading of course. I’m not a fan of games that you can straight up buy your way to the top in. On the other hand I sympathize with people who don’t have the time to devote their body and soul to gaming.

The comments seem to reflect both these viewpoints.

R U Mad Bro?!



  1. A funny way to display an everlasting problem.

    People say cash-stores ruin gaming but honestly I think it’s the age brackets.
    Not to go all “you youngins be ruinin’ my game” or anything, but the impatience and self-entitlement of teenagers and pre-teens translated over to gaming really affects the environment. This is why I won’t go near Xbox live with a 10-foot pole.

    I think given enough time and practice, the majority of gamers can reach above-average skill. The advantage younger players have is more free time.

    Those of us working 9-5 don’t have that luxury, and that’s why grind and gear-drop based games are so difficult for us, at leas IMO.

    I think this is why Guild Wars was always such a good game. My pitch to friends would always be “You get to max level fast, and you can get your max armor cheap. No matter how many months / years go by, you will for the most part always be on equal footing with everyone”

    That way players can focus on the important stuff instead of grinding for levels and armor. Stuff like skills and builds.

    Wow, unintentional wall-o-text.. ❤

    • disclaimer* I’m not actually saying all teen players are terrible people, by a long shot. But they have tendencies to be a little obnoxious, especially if they’re under 13 XD

      • If they are under 13 they aren’t really a teen, now are they? 😀

    • Yeah thats a good point. Kids definitely have the luxury of free time and ignorance.

      I’ve always said that guild wars is like the ultimate casual online game. all the quality, none of the obligation to log in every day.

      And I will go there if you won’t. Kids suck!

      • I’d have to disagree with you there on kids, at least a little. Depends on the game:

        GW – mostly suck 😀

        Aion – yeah, pretty bad, but mainly on the forums. Wait, probably those are adults acting like children, so who knows. 😀 In-game things are clearly split into equal parts of the worst kids (rage quitters, trash talk types) and the best mature (polite, helpful and friendly).

        RoM – mostly good (99%) experiences with youngsters in this game, as well as the population in general.

        Free Realms – yeah, a kids game (mostly) with mostly kids. The teens are pretty bad, but they tend to all hang out together at the seaside trying to virtual date each other (creepy). At least I hope they are all teens. Everyone is pretty good, the kids can be downright funny to watch. They also quickly invented their own language to bypass the chat filters, which helps us adults that struggle with it. 😀 Honestly, the younger kids and nice adults are probably the best community of any game I’ve played. It also helps SOE has a top notch staff that keeps watch on everything to make it a safe and fun place. It is nice to be able to just have fun and enjoy being a kid again for an hour or two where most everyone is there just to have a good time.

        • all kids suck! no question! we shouldn’t allow them to exist.

  2. Yep, pretty good cartoon, sums things up exactly in both types of games from what I’ve seen.

  3. I think it’s true for real life too.

    • yes.

  4. It makes some sense, however I don’t want to be buying instant success. I am happy to have to do what the others do to get there, just don’t make have to compete with them.
    In GW, having max everything doesnt make you any good. You need to have a bit of skill and thought making your build. That’s the bit I like about GW.
    WOW on the other hand is very gear orientated, mostly via RAIDing or mass PVP makes competiting essentially impossible even with decent skills. It’s here I’d like to see more options for the time starved. Perhaps a server with a limited number of hours per week (like 4?) to help even things out a bit. Maybe even a server that doesn’t permit raiding! Then all us parents could get together and play like I do. Those 5 man heroic dungeons are my end game. Raiding? impossible. Maybe a server that has minimal requirements for loot? It just seems easier to fix than a cash shop.

    I cant wait till we get flexible dungeoning, that scales depending on how many you want to play with and your skill level sort of like the FPS games now days.

    • enh. as much as i think skill is important there are plenty of people in gw who never create their own build or use great builds they got from someone else and don’t know how to use them.

      There’s always going to be some measurement pyramid with the “elite” on the top and “newbs” on the bottom. whether deserved or not.

      In the end it doesn’t matter whether people buy their way to max level or not, whether you have skill or not.

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