A Light In The Darkness

December 19, 2010 at 5:02 am | Posted in mmorpg, Star Wars: The Old Republic | 2 Comments
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A lot of new stuff out over the past few days but what I liked the most were the videos. Darth Hater has a ton of information on the rest.

As far as becoming a Jedi goes, you can’t beat making your own Lightsaber. It is the iconic moment. A light in the darkness. Could you even include making your own lightsaber without making a big deal out of it? Anybody catch what that monster was?

I didn’t necessarily like the voice of the master, but Jennifer Hale as the Jedi, well that just pleases me to no end. She plays everyone. Shepard, Jean Grey, Bastila Shan.

This voice work is great. Give me tons of menial tasks and cliched grind quests, if I get good story and interesting dialogue out of it I’ll be happy. check out that hint of moral ambiguity in the clip too. One of the Jedi padawans wants payback. Not very Jedi like.

There’s all kinds of hints and descriptions of those moral choices in the updates too. Whether it be blowing people out of an airlock to save the ship, or taking a bribe from Jedi who’ve broken the code. That doesn’t sound like the mundane quests some of have complained of.

The best recent screenshot? Probably this one.

I want to fight super giant robots from space.

For a more detailed rundown of, well, everything: check out Darth Hater’s post.



  1. Jennifer Hale is awesome, the only other female voice actress I like more is probably Claudia Black. Lady has such a sexy voice even I get turned on.

    • claudia black made me want to watch farscape and the later seasons stargate. I fucking hate stargate and i watched her episodes.

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