Star Wars Art

December 17, 2010 at 10:10 pm | Posted in Concept Art, mmorpg, Star Wars: The Old Republic | 2 Comments
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By Olly Moss

I love me some Star Wars. When I happened across a Wired article that said Star Wars, without even reading the rest of the title, I instantly clicked on it. I was treated to some seriously good art.

I think I’ve only seen maybe 3 of these before.

They were apparently commissioned by Mondo who uses a business model I dislike immensely ($50 for one or all 3 for $150! What a deal!) but the art is fantastic.

By Ken Taylor



  1. i think when you buy all three, there should be a bit of a discount šŸ˜›

    • they’re artificially overpriced to begin with. the collectible industry is so bogus.

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