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I'm hoping this doesn't qualify as NSFW

I’ve got this friend, in Guild Wars, lets call him Monus. A good length of time after Eye of the North came out Monus had virtually every title done, he’d played through the game on multiple characters, he’d done everything he wanted to do. That didn’t stop him from continuing to log in.

Not only did he log in, if anyone needed help with anything, he’d be the first to volunteer. No hesitation. Even if he’d just vanquished all of Elona and someone came along and said “I need someone to help me vanquish all of Elona”, he’d step up and be there for the whole thing.

If I was in that position I’d probably groan and find any excuse to not participate.

Cut to 2010 and I don’t really talk to Monus much anymore (not that he ever really talked much) and I find myself with little to do in Guild Wars except help other people. I think I’m starting to get what he was doing.

As much as I am loathe to vanquish, run missions, hunt bounties, seek titles, or any part of Guild Wars after all these years, there is one thing worth playing Guild Wars for.


I’ve found a regular group. Most importantly, I like to banter with them. Lately we’ve even been able to grab groups of 7 or 8, a feat somewhat unheard of to most of us. We’re mostly in the same guild which makes organization easy and our goals, though varying, coincide.

For instance, right now we’re vanquishing a lot. Some people need one continent, while others need another. I don’t need any, so I fit in easily to whatever the plan is.

Wait, I don’t need any of this. Then why am I doing it? Oh right, people. That’s the thought that keeps going through my brain. I’m there for the conversation. I’m such an old hand at Guild Wars gameplay, I can spend most of my time talking instead of paying attention to what I’m doing. I need to spend my time talking because I’m continuously accused of Leroying and I need to defend myself from such unjust accusations vigorously.

So yeah, I’m that guy. That guy who won’t hesitate to help his friends apparently. Ew. I’m all altruistic and crap. That would explain why I always play rpgs as the good guy. It flies in the face of my fatalistic, rational, cynical approach to life however.

I should find something they need to help me with. Let’s turn this love-in into a self centered gravy train! Choo-Choo I’ve got 7 points left to get on my HoM mofos!

Hats off to Monus. I never really understood his enthusiasm for doing all that stuff he didn’t need until now. I can’t honestly say I don’t hesitate, but I’m there when it counts.



  1. That is pretty much what I have been doing in GW since EotN.

    So yeah, who cares if you we redoing content. Its nice to play with humans. 😀

    • the full groups thing lately is great. consistent groups of all people. never had that before.


    • indeed sir.

  3. I love how the previous article is “We’re Going to Need Bigger Guns,” and today you give us boobies.

    • you make it seem like i’m in the gutter 😦

  4. What is “Leroying”?

    • Leeroy Jenkins is probably THE most famous WoW youtube video, ever. Like most things in WoW, it’s become a general MMO term for running in, getting everyone else in trouble, and then not learning your lesson/not being sorry about the results of your actions.

      The meta joke of the video is that, if you actually paid attention to the skills and strategies being mentioned, the “plan” was doomed to fail, in fact being the absolutely wrong thing to do in that dungeon. Therefore, the joke’s elevated to a parody of all dungeon raids.

    • to summarize bargamer, running into a situation without thinking.

  5. the monusway is the way i wish more people was like; i miss WAR when i would lead my guild in tome unlock nights to get those rare titles. Or using my higher lvled guys to run the weak dungeon so my guild members could get nice rare gear. It’s how ill play when GW2 comes out too =)

    all too often we come across players who only want to maximize their returns, max out their characters and play to get end-game rewards

    • I can’t criticize people who want to optimize, repeating content into eternity isn’t my bag either, but if i ignore the content and just play with the people i’m with it turns out to be pretty fun.

  6. Yeah if there’s ever a chance to play with people in Guild Wars, I say take it! I never got too many opportunities, unfortunately. Feeling lonely in GW probably kept me from enjoying it to its fullest.

    • well you did insist on doing things on your own to learn the game first. and you never joined that massively guild.

  7. This is one of the interesting things about GW, the mechanics of the game let’s players have a more intimate interaction without all the noise of other players. I hope this kind of instance friends only immersion isn’t lost with the more persistent minded sequel.

    • An interesting perspective on the importance of instances. for me after playing other open world games, i prefer it. however you make a good case.

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