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Star Wars: The Old Republic is Electronic Arts biggest project to date. Probably costing somewhere in the range of (do not quote unreliable sources at me thanks) 100 million to make.

Bioware has a good reputation of turning out extremely well done games. If you’re not a fan of Dragon Age, Knights of the Old Republic, or Mass Effect, please avoid even blogging about how much you hate the game when it comes out. What would be the point?

These are a couple of the reasons I’m excited for the game, beyond my own Star Wars fanaticism. Bioware is throwing money at a problem and I love the problem.

Obviously Bioware’s main strength is storytelling. So this week’s Timeline, the story of the Sith’s rebuilding after the destruction of Korriban, is a pretty good story. They take an unknown character and make him pretty intriguing. No need for dragging up old characters and leaning on nostalgia to tell your story.

I will say he seems to be a little too much of a Jack of all trades, but that was just an after thought. I’ve enjoyed the timelines consistently and this one is no different.

Maybe I’m blind, or unobservant, but after taking a look at the timeline page today, I noticed there are brief summaries of the subjects of future timeline videos, how did I miss that? You know, I’ve probably already blogged about this. My memory sucks.

In any case, as I surmised, the holorecords go all the way back to the very discovery of the force, and the settlement on Tython. I have to say that although some of these timelines will surely reference major plot points, like the Voss, it doesn’t seem like the videos will continue to be particularly relevant. Sure, every good story has flavour and padding, I’m just not sure how useful a holovid on the founding of the Republic could be. “Hey did you guys know that when playing Star Wars: The Old Republic you will have the option of participating in a republic of some kind?”

Besides the point I suppose, as recently reconfirmed, SWTOR will be releasing sometime in the spring. The holovids it has been said will play out after release.

As for other SWTOR news I’ve been mulling over companions and crew skills for the past few weeks. I have to admit I’m really coming around to the systems. I guess I never really had much to complain about with companions, Guild Wars and other Bioware games have broken me of any fear of AI companionship. So I was pleased to learn that your companions like or dislike of you matters.

Companions with high affection will have their ability to perform crafting tasks greatly improved. For example, a companion with high affection can craft items faster

I’d be willing to be that crafting isn’t the only area where affection helps.

The major shift in my views is with crafting. Although I’m a proponent of doing everything yourself so that crafting actually means something, I got to thinking about Runes of Magic. I’m pretty sure I have a few posts about how much that sucked. At the very least SWTORs crafting won’t be such a time consuming hassle. More like, set it and forget it. Yes, that’s an infomercial reference.

Actually I’m sure the time mechanic might actually add some feeling of importance. Perhaps some part of what makes crafting in other games feel like an accomplishment is the huge time investment. Neither can I argue that the actual mechanic of running up to something and clicking into oblivion to get the materials I need is a fun mechanic. More like, literally mind numbing.

Then again I could just jump back into arguing that that very mind numbing quality is something that I like about crafting, a mindless activity that distracts from daily routine.

Anyway. Enough of that for today.

Bounty Hunter carbines.



  1. Crafting in MMOs has always been a polarized issue I find. People, love it, hate it, or don’t care(IE let some other person do the work.) It’s interesting what Bioware is planning for it in their game, and in fact I’m pretty impressed at how they’re evolving that age old MMO staple.

    • Yeah if its fun its evolving. If it turns out to be kind of a disaster of a crafting system… not so much.

  2. Okay, now I get to make fun of you for an overdone, cringe-worthy-yet-makes-you-laugh title.

    You know I don’t have a problem with recurring characters…if it is done right. Similarly, I don’t have a problem with adding brand new characters…if they are done right. This retcon to me feels just a tad farfetched. Not only as you mentioned is he a jack of all trades, based on the info in the timeline he has had a HUGE hand in shaping the empire and thus has one HELL of a legacy. In other words, I’m okay with this if they’re going continue to flesh out his character (which I hope they will) but I’ll be disappointed if he’s just thrown in for the sake of a cool timeline.

    • over done! maybe if you’re a big star wars fan i suppose it’s over done.

      I’m with you. If they flesh this whole story out somehow, with a dungeon or whatever, i’m fine with it. Otherwise why does he have to be such a super hero? Designs entire fleets, fights rancors, ace pilot, blah blah blah

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