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December 9, 2010 at 7:18 pm | Posted in Guild Wars 2, mmorpg | 6 Comments
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Look at those eyes. The blue bird is dead inside.

Izari, or should I say @Izziebot had an idea today that seems pretty good. I always hate it when people get ideas I could have easily thought of if only I wasn’t so lazy and incompetent. She suggested putting together a Guild Wars / Guild Wars 2 master list of people to follow on Twitter.

Oh I know what I’ve said in the past. That social networking is the devil, that facebook is a fad that will only last as long as myspace. That the inherent shallowness of a 140 character communication website will lead to the destruction of mankind as we know it. Sure, all of that is true, but I’ve actually been getting to know a few of my fellow bloggers a bit better, and occasionally contributed a stunningly hilarious #guildwars2 jokes.

Not all is lost I suppose.

Plus I think a few people have found the blog through Twitter, so maybe that’s not so bad.

Anyway her Guild Wars 2 Guru forum thread is here, and you can follow Izzie over here, and you can follow me here, and you can follow Justin Bieber here.



  1. Oh dear, you actually linked to Justin Bieber…I weep for the world.

    • It was a joke! NOOOOOooooo don’t think i was serious! *cries*

  2. Lmfao justinbeiber.
    You know, I resisted twitter for a lonnnggg time. But when you get that icky “omg I gave in” taste out of your mouth, you see what a powerful and fun tool it can be.
    Specially for bloggers. Lots of more casual people still haven’t embraced RSS and e-mail subscriptions are retro. Twitter fills that void perfect.

    I’m glad to have you on my list!

    • ah those are some good points. yes. twitter does have quite the outreach.

  3. Tears in heaven I’m not on that list!!! Ok I admit, I blog about stuff and junk and stuff, but I love Guild Wars 2 in theory. I play GW.

    • Love it in theory? blasphemy

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