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I’ve been focusing on Star Wars: The Old Republic as the main competition for Guild Wars 2, but Rift has surely been catching up in hype and overall excitement in the community. I did not think at first that they could possibly pose as competition to the above games. A distant 3rd.

Check out this beta trailer they’ve unleashed.

What I didn’t understand was that Trion Worlds, though unknown to me, actually had quite a bit of funding. Time Warner is backing them, GE/NBC Universal is backing them. They’ve got game industry talent from all over and a publishing relationship with Ubisoft.

Rift isn’t even their only game, they’re working on an MMORTS called End of Nations. For someone like me who doesn’t even follow RTS games, it was a surprise. I’ve read they’re working on a 3rd game that ties into a future Syfy television show which will debut at the same time.

All that and Rift has a release date somewhere in early 2011.

Okay sure, Guild Wars 2 has little to worry about, they’ve got a built in audience chomping at the bit for a sequel, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Rift does really well.

One other thing, with all the money NCSoft, EA Bioware, and Trion are pouring into their future games, you have to wonder why. I think it’s pretty clear. They think they’ve got Blizzard’s number. Agree or not World of Warcraft is an aging game, and in my opinion they may have made a misstep by devoting so much time to revamping their early levels and not to their expansion.

I think other companies see weakness and are going for the jugular.

Of course it remains to be seen just how good Cataclysm will turn out. Its not like Blizzard is going to churn out a piece of crap. That would be a huge mistake.

Rift is promising a lot from the get go. So are Guild Wars 2 and Star Wars: The Old Republic. If even one of them delivers, maybe WoW will finally have a fight on its hands?


  1. I know so little about Rift. I watched a fee videos and the game seems cool. My big wonder is: what is nobody is trying to push back the rifts will the whole world finally turn into a huge mob vs mob rift war? What happens in underpopulated servers are towns just overran? I do love the idea of scaling dungeons. I haven’t seen that since DAoC. Imagine if WoW scaled their dungeons to the players level and unlocked bosses depending on your level? I’m in full swing in finding out more about this game. Will it be the 2011 sleeper hit?

    • i feel like their hype machine is only getting started, this isn’t going to be any sleeper hit, not after their hype gets going.

  2. Rift certainly did sneak up on us. I’d always wanted to write about it on my blog, but there was just so little to go on…now to be safe I probably won’t write about it at all.

    • I didn’t sign up for the beta, at first I wasn’t even remotely impressed by what i saw, and now I’m only slightly so.

  3. Rift might have a few good ideas, but it is hard to tell, FAQ has little to no actual information. From the videos the combat looks rather clunky and poorly animated. Devs still haven’t made major game play decisions yet. Really?

    Two human factions is a bad idea, unless AI factions actually keep the humans from all joining the winning side. Open world PvP on the PvE servers? World broken up into small zones? Devs aren’t clear on most of this.

    Game might do quite well, has nice, if not great, world graphics, fair character designs. Lore looks rather generic, lots copied from other games. Rift fanboy types already trashing GW2, Tera and Aion is counter productive.

    I expect the game will actually be fairly nice, will do decently well at first, but will become a very niche game when Tera, GW2 and SWTOR are released. If they had gone with a GW2 payment plan I’d have been willing to buy a box and try it. $15 sub, no thanks.

    • It does look to me like they’re not exactly propelling their graphics far past what WoW has now. early days still of course.

      Personally i’m not expecting tera to do well. It looks nice, its action based, its got its own momentum, but parts of it seem really bland with no personality. the artists seem to spend more time making sure we can look up skirts than look non generic.

  4. i don’t really mind who ‘wins’ the mmo battle; as long as one good mmo comes out that we can enjoy (and it isn’t wow)

    • I think guild wars 2’s business model will make it at least as successful as the previous iteration. other than that who knows what will happen.

  5. Ever since the very week I decided my time was up in WoW, rumblings about Rift was being spoken in one corner of the game or another. I checked it out then and I was impressed by what I saw, yet at the same time there was far too much familiarity for me to write it off as a possible “new home” for me.

    What I believe that will make this game successful the same way I feel with GW2 is the ease and accessibility to the vast majority of players. Like GW2, Rift is being built to work with aging systems and in the end that and gameplay will really carry these games forward.

    An interesting thing I’d like to point out though:

    People are so easy to and quick to gripe about WoW but I liken it to the Roman Empire and WoW is the Emperior. MMOs right now are seeing a lot of customers but how many of that are the average casual never before played MMOs gamer? How many will leave the genre and go back to their previous hobbies once WoW dies out? In many guilds in the MMOs I’ve played there’s a lot of inbreeding of the same audience just going from one game to another, migrating and so on. MMO gaming is still a niche market and when WoW goes to its twilight years it’d be interesting to see the vacuum it leaves behind. I suspect that the market will revert back to its pre WoW state and become a smaller market again.

    • as much as a fan i am of making things open to lower end systems the graphics for rift just do not impress me yet.

      mmos still have a lot of room to grow and i think people won’t leave the genre just because wow dies out, something will come along to make wow die out, like wow did to eq/eq2.

  6. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Rift graphics are right up my alley. I’ve been known to peruse screenshots and drool.

    As for anything else, gameplay included, I haven’t seen enough to interest me into commenting on. I hope they do well enough upon release, because I hate to see MMOs fail. But I really don’t see myself paying a sub for this, and am still holding out for GW2 as my main squeeze.

    • i really can’t agree on the graphics. they just seem too cartoony. not bad or anything, but not my style.

      i would like to see more as you would though.

      • Yeah, I do seem to be the odd one out who really likes the style :).

  7. Signed up for the beta a few months ago and amazingly got an invite the other day. Haven’t really been following the game too closely, but I was looking forward to checking it out this weekend. Unfortunately the patcher appears to not function properly for myself and a lot of other people judging from the forums, so I haven’t even been able to download the client let alone log into the game. A little disappointed but it’s just their first closed beta so I am not really that put off or anything, that is after all what the betas are “supposed” to be for…working out the tech issues. But meh whatever I’ll keep an eye on the forums and see if Trion or even just players figure out a fix for it before it ends Monday.

    Off topic, are Arena Nets websites down for anyone else or is it just me? None of their sites are loading for me even the wiki…

  8. I got in also, it’s a shame I’m working almost the entire time the beta weekend is being offered. Hopefully I can get in long enough to get a feel, then back to minecraft.

    • Really all you need to do is give minecraft a break, you’ve been playing quite a bit.

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