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With every big announcement about Guild Wars 2 comes a torrent of interviews. I usually try to pick out interesting quotes and provide commentary. In this case, there is no big announcement exactly, but Ravious over at Kill Ten Rats got an interview that goes over potions and energy. Considering the controversy surrounding that information I don’t see why I shouldn’t go over the intervie.

I should note that Ravious mostly narrates the interview instead of giving direct quotes, so what I’ve quoted is his interpretation and I’m sure some word for word paraphrasing.

Energy recharges slowly in-combat and out-of combat, and it can be supplemented by an energy potion, which is on a recharge slower in-combat and faster out-of-combat state. This was a long-term resource, whereas skill recharge was a short-term resource. Peters added that once two short-term resources were put on a skill, the system could get really confusing to players really quickly, which was another reason to get away from Guild Wars energy system.

If there was any reason to change the energy system this would have been mine. Guild Wars energy management can be pretty complicated in intense situations. How many skill bars have we all tried that didn’t work out because keeping your energy up was a pain? How many people ended up playing elementalists just for the energy pool?

the energy bar loves offensive skills and hates defensive skills. If a player is playing offensively, the energy bar is very easy to manage. It’s when the player goes in to a very defensive mindset that the energy bar starts draining quite fast

Should they really be driving people away from defensive skills, or playing support roles? It’s an interesting choice, but it sounds like they’re making things hard on people who prefer that. All this time we’ve heard that people who played monks will still be able to support, and now we find that half of that role, defense, is more difficult.

Cartwright moved on to the very controversial potion subject. Potions are items with a recharge that are used to replenish a significant amount of energy (like 60% of the bar). Potions are very cheap and very abundant, and they are not used to determine success of an encounter.

Is that how much they replenish? 60%? Seems like an awful lot. When I played Runes of Magic, one of the items you could buy or get in game for free were energy potions. They ranged from 10% up to around 40%, with the 40% potions being expensive or hard to get. A 60% potion seems quite generous.

A Catographer at work! Points to those who read my twitter feed.

Peters said that potions became reflexive as players became competent in the game.

If other games are anything to go by this is pretty accurate.

Cartwright added that a more skilled player, such as one that sidesteps a drake’s firebreath instead of standing there and taking the damage, will use less energy. Healing skills are hard to use when under focus fire, and they require players to disengage to get that small pause to heal up. A big way to do this is to roll, which takes about 5% of the energy bar. Then the heal skill will take a decent chunk of energy. Whereas the player that simply sidestepped, or used a block skill, would not have to use such a large portion of the energy bar. In other words, smarter more skillful players will last longer with regards to the energy bar.

Couldn’t be happier about this. Not only will this make playing with good players that much more fun and easy, it makes it easier to figure out who the bad players are and shun them for life. No wait, what? 😉

Peters and Cartwright then took a small tangent to discuss that although there is no more monk healbot, the support role still exists.

Some people, after hearing there would be no monk, seems to be under the impression there would be no support at all. Whatever the remaining professions do, however Blue Mace Lady performs, let us be clear, there is still a support role.

In the Shatterer fight, it’s a big puzzle. If he freezes people, he will kill them unless they are broken free by other players. If he throws down some self-healing crystals, players have to destroy those before he heals all the damage. It becomes less about managing resources, and more about solving the puzzle as a large group of people. It’s not an attrition war.

I love a good puzzle. All the best boss fights in dungeons have some bizarrely discovered solution that isn’t obvious at first. The Shatner doesn’t seem too complicated, but I’m hoping this philosophy continues into complicated, hilarious, satisfying fights that require determination, problem solving, difficulty, and intelligence.

Some PvP deets.

irst, potions are reset to a certain number each fight. Unlike PvE, the players are not really responsible for potions, and each player will have an equal amount. It’s a pretty low number, but it resets on death. One mechanic they have been experimenting with is placing potions around a map so that during the battle players could go refill them. Cartwright said the system really works well with battlefield movement and spreading everybody out.

They are so dead set on a fantasy esport that it kind of drives me nuts. I keep worrying they’ll focus far too much on it and it’ll end up derailing the rest of the game. Where on earth would I get that idea? On the other hand it does sound like a really good mechanic, classic design for pvp. It honestly does sound inviting.

Part 2 coming whenever Ravious gets around to it.

What do you call a Charr who accidentally sets off an explosion in his lab? A Catalyst. Yeah that's going on the twitter.



  1. I’m shooting for Wednesday, or less likely Thursday. I’ll try my best to get quotes in this time. 😉

    • Don’t consider it a criticism, just an acknowledgement. can’t wait to read the rest.

  2. i like puzzles too; i’m tired of just getting to the boss and just dpsing (boring).
    I like the concept of energy, it sounds similar if not exactly the same to WAR’s energy system; during the fight the energy regen is slower than out of battle. Health regens really fast out of combat too, which reduces teh downtime between fights

    • just dpsing is the worst. even in boss fights where you’ve figured everything out and your only role is to go in there and dps.

      something that keeps me on my toes is what i like.

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