Rise And Reunion

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She's definitely going to cry at the wedding

When I last left off the Hearts of the North quests, I had traipsed through the Watchtower Coast, shrewdly avoided Rotscale in Majesty’s Rest, and had collected the next quest, The Broken Sword from Ettin’s Back.

All of these missions it turns out are in the Bonus Mission Pack format. You take on the form of a character from lore and solo you’re way into history.

Putting aside my reservations about this style, I was actually having a lot of fun. There is something intrinsically fun about one shotting an enemy. Perhaps that’s why so many people get so much fun out of things like farming low level mobs or sniping in First Person Shooters.

I was a little disappointed with the choice in location for Broken Sword. The Aurora Glade mission is scenic enough, but it’s on the roster of Zaishen daily missions. People go there all the time, why not pick a more remote location? Some place people don’t often go? Dry Top, Ettin’s Back, Sage Lands, or some other location surely could have stood in.

That said, without the constant pressure of keeping the crystal pedestals lit, there is a bit more time to look around.

In any case, I think I did notice the difficulty level rising as I progressed through each quest in HotN, which seems appropriate as you get more used to the Keiran/Miku dynamic.

I was a bit surprised at the difficulty of the final mission though, the defense of Beetletun took me by surprise.

Now, unlike some, I did not cry myself to sleep complaining of the difficulty, but the first two times I ran through it I was quickly overwhelmed. Too many White Mantle flooding in, killing the villagers, taking me out.

The third time I decided to change up my strategy. Instead of running back and forth too much, I stayed mostly at the Nebo Terrace entrance. Instead of getting any aggro at all, I let Miku take all the damage. I also took aggressive advantage of every single skill, spamming all of them at all times.

Keiran's Skillbar

The result was the mobs from the Watchtower Coast entrance mostly missed me, and I could take care of them at my leisure. Spamming the skills that gave criticals and heal you ended up being very important against large groups. I also sharply shifted focus to healers when possible.

I tended to let the villagers die. A lot. Also Miku went down for while I ended up killing a group of 5 on my own. Not easy.

I persevered though, and won, getting most of the Medals of Honor I need for another Oppressor weapon.

One of the things that I think makes Beetletun so hard, is that timing your Sniper Shot with Promise of Death, at times, is pure luck. On one enemy she’ll use Promise of Death when they’re nearly dead, so wasting Sniper Shot is not an option. If your opponents are being healed and you concentrate fire on the priest while Miku works on the melee, Promise of Death again goes to waste. There is no way to control it, so luck is the best way to describe it.

After the final mini-mission, Keiran and Gwen finally meet up, there’s some dialogue, you go back to The Eye, there’s more dialogue. It’s fine. It’s the logical progression of everything. Pretty anti-climactic if you ask me. At least Gwen won’t be crying any more?

We can hope.



  1. Switching Keiran’s Bow with a modded 15^50 bow of your heroes once you are in the mission also helps a lot.

    • Mentioned previously but worthy of repitition, thanks

  2. I found the mission chain fun, if a bit short. Maybe it’s because I was used to having to do the original BMPs multiple times just to complete the dang things, and I only ended up wiping with Keiran once.

    Funnily enough, it was on the Rise/Aurora Glade part, perhaps because I have only done that mission twice, eons ago, and was unfamiliar with the layout :).

    So, more content than each of the missions in the BMP, and for free, but I was left wanting more. I guess I shouldn’t complain.

    • yeah i have the same experience with bmp. unless you do them all the time they take repetition.

      i did aurora a lot more often, seems like the one mission nobody had the bonus on in the early days.

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