Hearts Of The Jungle

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Gwen The Goremonger, whom babies will be made with

Hearts of the North is a bit of a misnormer. Most of the story takes place in tropical Kryta and the Maguuma Jungle. Perhaps you can argue that it’s named after Gwen and Keiran who fell in love in the north, but Gwen barely appears, and if the storyline so far proves anything, Keiran is a better fit with Miku than Gwen.

I’ve completed the 2nd and 3rd parts of the adventure and there are a few things I’d like to comment on.

The writing is pretty strong. A lot of information gets communicated with very little dialogue. It’s more natural and banter like. Miku seems a little wise for her years, and sometimes I wonder why Keiran is doing any of this, but sometimes less is more, and I’m feeling the storyline.

I’ve never been a big fan of the Bonus Mission Pack style of play. Being stuck with a skill bar that is not your own, a death penalty that is essentially repetition of what you’ve just done, and playing someone’s story that is not your own, are all good reasons for me to avoid it. However I’m having a good time with it. The difficulty level so far is fine, with only one or two difficult fights per story. Really, you’re quite overpowered.

The loot is good. I’ve got 6 Medals of Honor so far which is 6/10ths of what I need for another Opressor weapon, one of the things I can add to my Hall of Monuments. My main has had a maxed Vanguard reputation track for a while now, but if I were working on that title, the reputation reward would be fine.

I haven’t seen that many people wearing the costumes. There are 5 total, though there isn’t much range in look, 3 tuxedos after all, and I really don’t think they’re anywhere near as popular as previous sets. This is anecdotal of course, I’d be pleased to find out I’m wrong.

Anyway, Keiran keeps traipsing through the jungle while Gwen pouts back at the Eye letting me do all the work. Typical.



  1. This may be me QQ’ing but I was rather underwhelmed by the writing… to me it felt stilted. I found myself wishing that they forced you to take Qwen with you on the Scavenger Hunt so we could get a bit more dialogue from her, maybe even have our character respond and do some relationship counseling…
    On the Kerian side of things I felt like I was always coming in on the start or end of a conversation, the meat of which was always just out of grasp because it occurred off screen during travel time.
    While I was not a fan of the dialogue I did enjoy the combat and the idea behind the scavenger hunt. Also top hats are awesome.

    • That would have been a nice addition, adding gwen in some way, i didn’t even think to bring her when I’ve gone out to get these various quests/items.

      I would disagree a bit though, I thought the writing was more trim, a bit more adult, if somewhat lacking in background and motivation. at least when it comes to miku and why’d keiran would join her at all.

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