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Despite the obliviousness of others to my desire to approach new content without knowing exactly what happens next, I did quite enjoy the first two parts of the Hearts of the North.

I logged in at an opportune time, Tigerfeet and Ven were gathering their strength to tackle new content, so I ended up in vent ASAP. We met at Eye of the North, although I didn’t know why at the time.

We rushed out into the frigid air of the Northern Shiverpeaks, who knows how Ven knew to start here, but the scout only had one thing to say. Keiran is alive, and we must search the far reaches of Kryta for any sign of his survival.

That’s how we ended up in the Watchtower Coast, not really knowing what to look for. Wandering around a bit, spilling the blood of our enemies on the sun drenched surroundings. Typical day in Tyria.

Eventually we found an arrowhead. Not just any arrowhead I’m told, one that would belong to a Vanguard member. Probably Keiran. I couldn’t tell the difference, I sling fireballs for a living. We brought it back to Gwen, and that’s when we started to see things from Keiran’s perspective.

I can honestly say I didn’t have enough time to prepare myself. I equipped his bow, and entered. The dialogue starts, and before you have a chance to finish reading it, and your skill descriptions, you’re fighting.

I already knew to use Sniper Shot with Promise of Death, so at least that much I didn’t need to learn through trial and error. The other skills I learned through use and experimentation. I didn’t realize how useful the stance was until halfway through the mission the first time, which is probably why I died.

You’re quite overpowered as Keiran really. Your stats are raised to 20, your skills have the ability, in conjunction with Miku’s Promise of Death, to one hit kill enemies. You’ve got a mini-barrage, skills that remove hexes and conditions, a knockdown, the DPS is overwhelming really.

Once you get used to the timing, make sure to coordinate with Miku, and make sure you only aggro one group at a time, the mission is a cakewalk.

I’m sure some people will complain it’s too hard.

Gwen The Goremonger

There are a few problems, if I didn’t make that clear. Miku as an NPC isn’t very controllable. She often puts Promise of Death on pets, which are very easy to resurrect for Peacekeepers. This sometimes results in killing the pet, it resurrecting quickly, and then she focuses on the pet again. Fun. Don’t get me started on her standing around.

I was also a little disappointed that you’re told to just go to Kryta to find evidence of Keiran. Kryta is a big place. Like 8 zones or something. Sure everyone figured it out fast, but if you’re on your own, you’ve had bad experiences with the mouth breathing Guild Wars public, you don’t like to ask people for help, or you don’t like using the Wiki, you’re out of luck. Okay so maybe that’s a long list of options, but I know a few people who are just out of the loop when it comes to this sort of thing. Guild Wars is like the ultimate casual game, there are a lot of people who play it who need more direction than just “Check out Kryta!”

Anyway that’s the first mini-mission from Hearts of the North. I think I had way more fun just tooling around with Tiger and Ven than doing the actual solo mini-mission, especially when things went wrong (way to get us lost Ven) or we paused to insult each other. Still, I had a lot of fun.



  1. The whole Kerian solo missions were fun and really let me get back to my ranger/hunter/archer roots. Having cleared the whole thing, as a heads up it really helps to use your own bow. Since I play on a ranger main I have a Drago’s Flatbow customized, not only did it help with clean pulls but also increased Kerian’s dmg by a lot. Don’t be afraid to let Miku tank or even die, she can return you can’t. Another trick I usually use on my ranger too which works on these missions is to have a weapon set with a sword/axe/spear and shield with both +30hp, great if you’re running low on health, and it adds defense when you’re running away.

    I say this because I know some people are having a hell of a time on the last mission, which is understandable. Just remember like in the quest text says, Keiran’s a survivalist, so think like one.

    • A few good tips. Especially the bow one. Most people probably don’t think to switch bows once inside.

  2. I think you are right here, they apparently added some quests to guide people better through War in Kryta.

    But Hearts of the North? It is a typical read the Wiki scenario. Many players don’t do that, and I am pretty sure most of them are not the “let’s scan all Kryta zones” dudes, plus it is also Maguuma and uh… don’t want to spoil more, just read the Wiki. 😉

    They could give people at least a hint: “In the Giant’s Basin” or something like that. Gwen could give a little more precise hints where to go. Heck, even kids play hiding do. Then people would at least need to know where that is or could ask for the location, this way it becomes a pure Wiki job to find out where to go.

  3. P.S. the Barrage skill is very similar to the GW2 multi-attack that is probably also named Barrage. Though this would be more fitting for their long range rain of arrow skill.

    Wonder if we have seen a glimpse of GW2 combat?

    • You’re not the first person I’ve heard suggest that there may be similarities to gw2 fighting style. tigerfeet was noting something to that effect.

      a stronger hint than kryta would’ve been fantastic. as much as i don’t like spoilers, there was nothing to go on if you didn’t know where to go.

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