Hearts Of The North

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Well if the wedding wasn't spoiled for you before, me and GuildWars.com just did the job

I wasn’t really expecting more content updates from Arenanet so soon. War In Kryta feels like it just ended a couple of months ago, and the recent Halloween costumes are only a few weeks old.

I knew there would be a bridge to the Cantha content involving Thackeray, I didn’t think it would be this soon.

Yet Arenanet surpirses again and not only do they have more content, but a few new costumes.

I’m kind of torn though on how it was all presented. We learned a couple weeks ago that there would be a wedding, which seemed rather spoilerish, and that there would be a Hero incoming, but then I presumed that was with Winds of Change, and then people started spoiling stuff (not Arenanets fault) all over the place, mentioning professions, and mentioning what the content was like and I guess next time I’ll avoid all of that and just play the content, instead of having all the details thrown in my face.

Time for some of my own spoilers I guess.

Arenanet provides commentary on why changes are made down to very small changes in skill mechanics. With the Hearts of the North update came explanations of a more simplified quest structure (instead of that hated Flowchart business) for the War In Kryta content, a difficulty adjustment for the Battle For Lion’s Arch, and of course the story of Keiran’s return.

The simplified quest structure is something to applaud. I’ve mentioned over and over how you need a flowchart (and that the wiki has one) to get through War In Kryta. I’m sure I’m not the only one it bothered.

The Battle for Lion’s Arch is difficult, even in normal mode. Although if I recall correctly, I got through it on my first try. *high fives Tigerfeet* I’m not really sure whether or not it should have been adjusted. Yes it was hard, one of the more difficult things in the game, but shouldn’t there be challenges to overcome in games like this? That said, I do sympathize. Not everybody has wicked teammates to play with. *high fives Kelly*

Here’s where the spoilers come in, at least the first ones for me. I had no idea the content would be in Bonus Mission Pack form. It’s an immediate change from playing as your own character to playing as someone else. Immediately I knew I would be playing as Keiran. If that wasn’t enough they outline exactly what skills to use at what time.

The best thing to watch out for is the Promise of Death skill—when you use Keiran’s Sniper Shot on a foe suffering this hex, it’s basically an instant kill.

Come on man! I could have figured that out! It’s in the skill description! Spoiled.

Then there are the multiple interviews. Thankfully after the first one I stopped reading. Massively, GameReactor, and Guild Wars Guru, all have their own interview on the subject of Hearts of the North and from what I hear, more are on the way.

It seems like the promotion for this so far is over the top. I suppose that’s a good thing, as I’d rather have Guild Wars continue to be successful and making money from costumes and indirectly hyping Guild Wars 2. I’d also concede that there is little they can do about revealing details if they want to market their content update.

I guess I’m the one who has to be more careful about what I read and who I talk to before I play.

All this marketing for Guild Wars. It’s like Arenanet woke up to the fact that content for Guild Wars is hyping Guild Wars 2. Now they’re jumping on board.

Where is the line between marketing and spoilers? I think Hollywood has totally lost their minds with most of their marketing. Trailers may as well be the whole movie sometimes, I’m sure it would be more enjoyable in some cases.

Anyway, I’ll blog about actually playing the content (hint: it was pretty fun) tomorrow, unless Star Wars: The Old Republic blows me out of the water or something.



  1. While I should be a little sad that BLA was nerfed at the same time I’m really happy for the non-hardcore mmo gamers out there. I mean it can be pretty brutal, especially in the latter half, I will admit that I will miss the massive army coming in to try to kill me and crash like the waves on the Scottish cliffs. There’s no better feeling from GW recently for me than seeing the broken remains of a dead army laid out before my feet. You really get the sense that you’re really the star of the show. And it is a bit of a rush, the only time I felt that way was in the first years of GW when there was no heroes and only henchmen and every mission past Bloodstone Fen was a rush.

    Having played the first two Keiran missions, I’ll tell ya, it’s a challenge but once you really get a feel for the skill bar you’ll just mow people down with ease.

    • I got to agree with you here, its both sad and good. you’re getting all poetic today.

      can’t wait to check out the rest of of the HotN missions.

  2. Well, I guess that is what I get for not finishing the WiK quests yet. I would have liked a chance to play the final WiK quest at the original harder difficulty. My main character is from Factions and hasn’t played through all the Prophecies missions yet, so I was working on getting the infused armor before finishing the last few WiK quests. Oh well.

    I skipped your spoilers and hopefully can do so with others, at least what ArenaNet hasn’t already spoiled.

    • Well if you go on the Relics of Orr forums, I’m offering any help to people on WiK and Hunter can tag along as well.

      • Volunteering my help! pushy! if i’m online.

    • Infused armour really is necessary. At least it was before the nerf.

  3. I dun understand. There is something called “Hard Mode” out there. If you think BLA was way too easy, why not do it on hard mode on first try, and solo?
    It’s supposed to be a story arc mission. The point is about letting players know about what the story develops. If the difficulty isn’t for most players to get through, even under Normal Mode, they lost the point of implementing a new storyline.

    • Well the thing is, everything in Guild Wars is a story arc. Shouldn’t there be some challenge beyond just changing to HM? if everything is dead easy, nobody has any motivation to get better.

      • Right. Everything is a story arc. I think they are really lame for not making Shiro, Undead Licha and Abaddon as difficult as Urgoz or Mallyx.

        Now that most players can finish the storyline and what’s the fun about that? Players not as good as you don’t deserve to even finish the game!
        Make them stay at the Mouth of Abaddon and that would definitely keep people playing until they have tried as many times as possible just to know how the game will end.

        And now that BLA is too easy that everybody can beat it without their eyes open. LAME!

        • You’re absolutely right. people should be able to play things with blindfolds on, never having to learn the mechanics, or what skills to use. Nobody should ever feel like they need to learn something. Nobody should ever feel their heartbeat rise due to difficulty level. Lets just drop all monster HP so we can one hit kill everything.

          I’m sorry but your arguments just don’t work with me.

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