So How Do I Whine About This One?

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I figure that’s the first thought that goes through anyone’s mind when they receive news about their favourite upcoming game. How can I be a downer about this, where is the evidence to support my doom and gloom theory? What can I crap all over today?

I’m sure it will be stealth, recently confirmed in a GuildFans interview. Even I kinda hated on it. I can remember a few games where stealth was a nuisance, not a boon in PvP.

Or maybe people will crap on Emily Diehl getting a job with Undead Labs. She’s been with the studio 4 years, but I’m sure it’ll be spun into some kind of “wow she didn’t stick around long, Arenanet must be going down in flames” nonsense. When they’re not commenting on how hot she is, as is the case when any female dares post a photo in this industry.

Or maybe it’s Arenanet’s most recent blog post entitled When It’s Ready. It expounds upon the idea that they don’t want to release any information until it’s actually done and not going to change. I think we all know what happens when you promise a class or two that isn’t there on release.

I'm loathe to fight more centaurs, and will avoid the human campaign because of it.

For what it’s worth it does give some good insight into a studio in the process of working on a game, how they release information, how long it takes to prepare to release that information, and maybe even a tidbit of information on Guild Wars 2.

We’ve got another profession in a good state and are getting ready to start the long process of preparing it for its debut.

I’m more than happy to wait, personally. I may joke about it, riff on various issues, but I think I’m calmly anticipating Guild Wars 2.

There is one thing that bugs me. The atmosphere that would provoke a blog post like this. When it’s ready is explanation enough. Arenanet should not feel beholden to the whims and cries of ornery gamers. I appreciate information, and being let in on what is going on, but do not give credence (a lot of big words today, I’m proud of myself) to those who would complain that they do not have more information.

Arenanet shouldn’t have to blog about why they don’t have new information on their progress. Especially when the same people a post like this might be addressing are the ones who will immediately find some part of it to criticize.



  1. I don’t mind the lack of news. I am sure it is just the calm before the storm! >:D

    • The first few months of next year really ought to be a hectic time i figure.

  2. Reminds me of a post I’ve been working on but too lazy to finish, haha.

    There’s a lot on Arenanet’s plate right now. It’s more than just a game, but a concept of revolutionizing MMOs and the relationship between developer and gamer.

    ANet has always prized itself on an intimate relationship with it’s players. If GW2 does as well as we all hope, though, that’s going to be difficult or near impossible to upkeep.

    Gamers are gamers. Their attitudes and self-entitlement will not change. One day a line will have to be drawn and they won’t be able to focus so much on pleasing the masses.

    You’re right, it’s unfortunate, but we’re lucky enough to have a company that cares enough to dedicate an entire blogpost to our QQ.

    One day that won’t be the case anymore.

    • I suspect you’re right when you say that gamers will not change, and expecting otherwise is futile. Perhaps on some level this post is just me whining about all the whining. However, I kind of think Anet is spoiling us. Lucky enough to have a company like anet sure, but at some point the children need to learn that they can’t have everything their way.

      • We can only change ourselves, and through that, hope that we influence others in a positive way. That’s all one can ever hope for.

        • Touche’ zen master.

  3. I’m fine with ArenaNet taking the time to do things right. Look at how many MMO games are lacking basic features (let alone content) at release. I wish NCSoft itself followed ArenaNet’s lead. Aion, a mostly solid game heavily based on the Lineage games (which have features Aion lacks), still has no dye previews, doesn’t save window positions between log ins (and opens them in stupid places), resets the on screen quest list if you switch characters, etc. And it is going on 2 years old (from Korean release). I wonder if any of the Aion devs have ever bothered to look at what works well in GW1? I just can’t understand how so many companies can ignore these basic things, other than I’ve had to fight (and usually lose) for interface features, only to be told it doesn’t matter by the suits running things.

    From what I see in GW1 and the recent blog entry, I seriously doubt ArenaNet will leave out such basic considerations in GW2, stuff that should be caught and fixed before release, let alone after the game has been out for a year or two.

    • I sometimes wonder about the cognitive dissonance between people rampantly insisting a game be released now now now, and their utter disappointment when that game is released too early.

  4. i remember when i had my heart set on the blackguard..and then they didn’t release it. blah. And it ended up being a great class imho

    • Heh, so good things come to those who wait?

      • i think i would have preferred waiting a few more weeks for it to have the class right away.. but would have driven the community to rage quit before it even launched

  5. I am just so tired of disgruntled GW fans (?) spreading FUD about ArenaNet and Guild Wars 2, let me tell you.

    I’ve not been following the GW2 hype wagon lately since it seems to have slowed down, so what do I do? Hang around complaining about it? No, I’ve moved on to other things, and I’ll be right back when there’s more to comment on. How can the alternative be healthy (not to mention good for the company given every article about the game is now flooded with dittoheads saying how much trouble they think the game/company is in), really?

    • I like how you added the (?) it’s been a puzzle of mine. Why do people who go to fan forums every day for a specific game crap all over whatever they end up talking about?

      One of the old eternal mysteries of internet forums i guess.

  6. I can’t say I’m not guilty of getting a little frustrated with the lack of information, but the doomsayers spouting nonsense about Anet a sinking ship is getting out of hand. Ok so a couple of famous Anet staff left to start Undead Labs, a couple of months later Emily leaves too. Reading her initial post then subsequent ones, which she sadly had to make because of doomsayers again, was clear and honest. She wanted to follow her dream, and of story. That said I congratulate her for making a bold career move and also being extraordinarily fortunate to not only work with her friends but also a project that’s been a life long dream of hers. If only we could all be so lucky professionally.

    It is sad that Anet had to put a post like that but at the same time I appreciate it, it brings us rabid fans back down to earth and lets us see the situation from their perspective. I’m glad that Anet is treating its fans like adults and not simply bottle feeding us pr jargon like most other developers. I hope that with GW2 that level of respect continues on through because having played other mmos there’s a lot of companies out there that doesn’t.

    • Letting a little frustration seep through is normal and healthy. Wildly gesticulating about how horrible the lack of information is, or how they think the game will suck etc, etc, is an affront to sensible behaviour.

      A lot of the commenters do seem to agree with you on appreciating the time anet took to address the situation, so I’ll concede that much, it was nice of them.

      It just wasn’t nice of us to insist on it.

      • I just assumed the recent Anet post was a ‘we’re working on it, but with the holiday season don’t expect more reveals until Jan’ type of post. Was there that much uproar on the forums because of no recent updates and someone leaving? Maybe I should read the forums more often. Or maybe not. Rather spend that time having fun working on my HoM, which is kind of what gaming is all about I thought.

        • every thread i read since september had someone complaining about the lack of info.

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