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November 17, 2010 at 4:28 am | Posted in video | 9 Comments
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No Guild Wars 2 news? Sate your thirst on other nerd interests.

I like comic books.

I like fantasy. And yeah, Natalie Portman’s bum, I’m a man, I can say that.

Short skirts and guns.



  1. Wow, I hadn’t even heard of the second two movies, but they both look great!

    And yeah: Natalie Portman’s bum.

    • Sucker Punch has no one famous and looks pretty shallow overall, so I’m not surprised you havent’ heard of it.

  2. Green Lantern – I need to see a LOT MORE before I make up my mind about this movie. There are so many comic book movies out these days, to stand out above the rest you really have to bring something new to the table. The casting choice of Reynolds already made me groan; he’s not bad but he’s too “goofy” to be Hal Jordan, imo. Also, I’m sick of seeing the same bunch of guys in every single superhero movie.

    Your Highness – I saw this yesterday too, love red band trailers. I’ll most likely watch this…I like fantasy, and I like comedy…it looks like a good laugh.

    Sucker Punch – I really don’t get the hype for this movie. I mean, it looks cool and all, but all it just looks like 300 with women and guns to me. I’ll probably watch this too, but I just don’t understand the obsession.

    BTW, I hope the rumors will come true and the Thor trailer will debut with the Harry Potter movie this weekend.

    • I really like ryan reynolds, i don’t understand why all the bad rap. sure wolverine sucked, and he was in blade and is possibly going to be in flash…but still. I don’t care so much about hal jordan that I think he can’t be played by someone who is goofy. as long as its well written I’m fine. Nothing in comic books is set in stone.

      There is nothing to get. it looks good and its got chicks showing skin. plus samurai swords.

      I saw the leaked version a while back and attempted to post it a few times, it was really good. did you see that version?

      • Yeah I saw that one, though I’m hoping that the one we’ll see will have more footage, and of course, be much better quality.

        Maybe it’s just me…I like Ryan Reynolds and he’s really nice to look at (he has the most perfect abs!) but i still think he’s overrated. Hal from the comics has also always seemed more cocky than silly in my mind. In the end I’m with you though, I’m not too concerned with who they cast but mostly only because it’s DC. I’d be more interested in who they cast for Marvel movies since I am a lot more familiar with their characters.

        Anyway, from the trailer, Green Lantern looks like your run of the mill comic hero movie. can’t tell yet, but like you i hope for good writing. maybe that will put it over the top.

        • Thing is i don’t think ryan reynolds is overrated, whenever i hear people talking about him its always negative.

          i was a bit of a marvel fanboy myself.

    • Sucker Punch has Zeppelins! Short skirts, guns, and ZEPPELINS!!! Oh, and a dragon too. Can’t go wrong with those.

  3. I think the trailer for Your Highness probably gives away most of the movie. Unless there is more Natalie Portman’s bum. No, that is probably only in the extended special edition director’s cut gold platinum DVD.

    It is actually cheaper for me to just buy the DVDs from Amazon than to actually go to a movie these days (gas, tickets and a meal). Also eliminates waiting in line, dings in the side of my car doors, headache from too much bass in sound system, annoying people that talk on cell phones during movie, etc….

    • thats why i go on discount nights and eat before seeing a movie, not to mention park away from everyone else, and only go weeks after the initial release to avoid crowds.

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