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With every big announcement about Guild Wars 2 comes a torrent of interviews. I usually try to pick out interesting quotes and provide commentary. In this case, there is no big announcement exactly, but GuildFans has an interview with Eric Flannum.

Back when Guild Wars 2 Guru was bought out by Curse, I made a slight mention that one of Curse’s main competitors in buying out fansites was Zam. There is money to be made in all the ad dollars that come from all us fans you see. Well Zam was taking notes on the purchase of Guild Wars 2 Guru, because not only did they start a brand new site, they grabbed some talent to create it from GW2Guru in the form of JR, Inde, and Kattar. All formerly GW2Guru administrators, and of course, the owner.

Thus, GuildFans. I’m not sure what their relationship with Guru was after it was bought, but I’m sure it’s still amicable and as far as I know they still post there.

Blue Mace Lady has a Blue Mace Man friend

Moving on to the interview.

Perhaps you’re wondering why we haven’t seen much of the sylvari?

That isn’t to say that we never go back and change things after we’ve talked about them (For example, even though we showed off the Sylvari a year ago we have recently gone back to improve them.)

A lot of people have speculated this might be the case. Not sure if they’ve confirmed that before or not, my memory vaguely suggests so.

Here’s a little bit about measuring participation.

GuildFans: How do you measure a players participation in dynamic events, to prevent leeching for rewards or inaccurate scaling?

Eric: Each event has its own criteria for measuring participation and in many cases it is measuring against more than one thing. For example, in the Drake Broodmother event a player can earn participation by damaging either the Broodmother herself or her broodlings. Other events use criteria other than doing damage. The apple orchard event doesn’t award participation for damaging spiders or knocking apples out of trees but instead only looks at whether or not a player has turned in any apples.

Prediction: When turning in apples to this event the player is seen to remark “How do you like them apples?”

Whenever I read about events that aren’t strictly “go kill this thing” I get a little glow, like a flower blossoming in sunlight, dew dripping from the petals, sparkling like a rainbow. Each event has different criteria for measurement? That is interesting and seems like a lot of work.

They ask about the town clothes system but get the standard…

Yes, the GW2 design has called for a town clothes system from the start. I know everyone out there is tired of hearing this answer from us but we aren’t quite ready to talk specifics about how the system works.

So in response I’ll get my revenge by speculating wildly. Can you use Transmutation Stones to make town clothes look like your armour? I’d like that. I wonder if the t-stones were designed in from the start. If I were designing an in game way to acquire t-stones I’d allow them to be dropped from dungeon chests. However, if I were to take cues from Runes of Magic, they would be rewards from more casual activities like mini-games, or special events. I wonder which road Arenanet will take.

Oh geez. Not more potion drama. At least the explanation is better than most previous ones.

Energy potions provide us with a long term resource. If you think about almost any game, there is always some form of long term resource that allows the game to balance difficulty by causing players to use up more of this resource in tough fights. In many RPG’s this resource is health and energy potions, in many FPS’ this resource is ammo, in many MMO’s they’ll use item durability as well. In any case the long term resource allows the designers more leeway in balancing encounters as well as often providing many secondary benefits.

Now, I’ve seen a lot of conjecture that we went to the energy potion system out of “laziness” or because for some reason we want to make the game “more like WoW”, neither of those things could be farther from the truth. We have actually had many systems in the game and working over the past few years. We’ve tried health potions, temporary power-ups, some forms of ammo for skills and everything in between. The reality of it is we feel like none of those things have been as easy to understand and pain free from a player perspective as energy potions. Energy potions not only act as a good long term resource for us but also serve as a minor gold sink, provide a common loot drop, and help provide a decent attrition mechanic in combat.

I’ve used potions in game and don’t have a problem with it. Frankly I’m kind of glad that in Guild Wars 2 I wont’ have to waste a skill on energy management. Some people may prefer that, some people may like that, but in the end for me it’s convenient and simplifies things.

Stealth confirmation. Enjoy.

GuildFans: Stealth has been confirmed as an ability for certain ranger pets, can we also expect to see players using it?

Eric: Yes, in fact rangers have a utility skill that allows them to stealth while they are standing still. I know a lot of people immediately jump to the overpowered version of stealth that they’ve seen in some games when anyone brings it up. I do think however that we’ve got a good handle about how to keep stealth in check. Things like limiting stealth by time, not having professions that destroy everyone when attacking out of stealth, having a lot of ground targeted attacks, and stealth detection skills can keep professions who use stealth in balance with everyone else.

I enjoy using stealth in single player games. I enjoy using it in multiplayer games. I enjoy going up against stealth in single player games. I’m not sure how I feel about going up against it in multiplayer games, it seems like a huge avenue for griefers. I’ll have to see it in use before I cut its balls off.

I actually kind of hate this question.

GuildFans: Large boss monsters such as ‘The Shatterer’ seem to be fairly static during combat. Will they actually give chase if players try to run away? How important is movement in these fights?

Eric: Once a creature reaches a certain size, we have to make them a bit more static to account for how they interact with terrain and players as they move. So you won’t ever see the Shatterer arbitrarily chase someone down while he’s on the ground. There will be other super huge bosses which fly or swim who have a higher degree of freedom as they move around.

We also have a large number of bosses who are much more free with their movement and can roam the world like a standard monster.

It’s like giving voice to whiners when we address these sorts of issues. You’ve got this huge epic dragon, 10 or 15 times the size of the average player. It’s using immense attacks, you’re firing cannons at the thing. How do you think it’s going to jump and chase like a pet dog? There are like 40 players fighting this thing and you want it to chase one in particular? You’re expecting the moon from one singular boss fight. So we get a bunch of people complaining. The Shatner “doesn’t move”. Ugh. I can understand wanting it, I can’t understand expecting it.

Anyway, good start for GuildFans, good look to those guys with their new endeavour.



  1. …So we get a bunch of people complaining. The Shatner “doesn’t move”…

    Whoa, Shatner is going to be a boss? William Shatner? James T. Kirk!!! He is getting up there in age, so probably why he won’t be a very agile boss. His elite skill could be causing the player camera to zoom in on his face (with dramatic eye lighting) so you can’t see what is happening in the battle. I can just imagine the voice-over work..

    “You will regret attacking me!”

    Sorry…. couldn’t resist that typo. 🙂

    • Ack, need edit button. Should have been “You… will… regret…………….. attacking me!”


    • wait til he starts singing.

  2. i’ve always been concerned about those dynamic events which give credit to those that return items; b/c your item may be stolen by someone else while you fend off the spiders, or while you shake the tree of the apples. I wonder how it will be balanced in that case..

    • well just as in crafting maybe the very item is only visible to you. hard to say. but i’m sure they’ve considered those sorts of problems.

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  4. I approached ZAM with the idea of opening up a Guild Wars 2 fansite initially, after leaving Curse. Inde and Kat later decided to join me. I know that’s a minor issue, just want to make sure there’s no impression of ZAM poaching staff.

    Anyway, great post Hunter, as usual.

    • Ahhh I really do appreciate the clarification, as I honestly don’t know much about what goes on inside sites like yours.

      sorry for the confusion

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