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Eternia, BlueKae‘s Minecraft server, continues to grow. Ever since he made the IP address public people have been flooding in, sometimes just to check it out, sometimes to stay. It doesn’t hurt that some people have mentioned it in their podcast, some have twittered (well, practically everyone has) about it, and many have blogged about it. It is a server filled with bloggers after all.

From atop the spawn guest house, it is getting crowded.

Even over the past couple of weeks the population has continued to grow. With a couple of new people being added within the past few days.

With that, the urban center of Eternia, lets call it Eternos City, has continued to grow more and more crowded, with hardly a soul able to move in any direction that doesn’t immediately take them to someones homestead.

Even the more rural areas are being overrun. My own Trail of Tears has had half of it’s length become suburban pathways. I found that path, and trailblazed it, and it is weird to see it become so civilized. It was a mere trail of dirt mounds topped with torches. Now there is cobblestone, stairs, homes growing on both sides. I noted 4 people had built at least 6 different buildings on the ToT.

The Trail of Tears at one time began at center bottom.

Even the most notorious personal space invader could be heard to moan “Someone’s been building on top of my stuff!”

Roads have sprung up. There are two routes from Cutthroat Island to Tiger Bay, they run right beside one another. Redundant. Sound like the suburbs to you?

It’s really hard to keep track of all this movement too. I’ll have to wait for Blue to produce another map before I go trying to figure out where all these new people are building.

I built out on the edges, and even on an island, because I didn’t really want neighbours too close. The next furthest island South from my own is called Farpoint, because at one point that was as far as the map went.

My newest building is a sand fortress built in a desert biome. I had to cross to the shore on the other side of Farpoint, erect a small stone cabin waypoint, and cut out a trail that takes several minutes to travel before arriving. Grimnir’s new place is probably about twice as far as that.

The burbs man. If you grew up in the suburbs, you know what I’m talking about.

My new neighbour. With his beautiful mid-ocean rectangle.



  1. I haven’t logged in for a week or more. I should see if I have any new neighbors.

    It really is interesting to see how people spread out and build. It’s almost as if the ‘Burbs are inevitable where people gather and build.

    …I wonder how many players have thought about building death traps. They should theoretically be possible…

    My biggest construction project is a forest for harvesting. I wonder how many players have found it and made use of it (replanting, of course).

    • i keep hearing several people say things like “minecraft should have trap doors!” or the like, and i’m sure if we had more gunpowder maybe that would be possible.

      haven’t seen your forest, where did you build tesh?

      • Well, since you don’t even take damage in multiplayer at the moment, it’s kind of moot, but an interesting thought anyway. Still, it could be fun setting traps.

        To get to my still-growing forest, if you go up to the skyrail from the spawn point, I’ve placed signs; head left and follow the path until you reach a corner with signs and a torch. The forest (still smallish) is below and in front of that corner. It’s fun; each tree I fully harvest tends to give at least two branches that I then plant to make more. It’s a slow process, maybe, but I’m making my trees take over the nearby hills. 🙂

        So far, I haven’t run afoul of neighbors, as far as I can tell. If I have, since I’m just planting trees, I’m hoping it’s not a problem.

  2. My island seemed so remote when I first built there. Now I’ve practically abandoned it for Wayfarer’s. And then I stay away so long that when I come back, I always think “Is this the way my back yard looked before?” I guess I’m getting suspicious being out there in my hermit house!

    • i can’t believe you’re spending so much time up there, having a little piece of your own is great, but i prefer being at least somewhere near town.

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