Don’t Be Too Proud Of This Technological Terror You’ve Constructed

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A skin tight leather outfit ought to really help out in all those battles Mako will be in

Crafting overall is kind of dull really. I can understand why people don’t care about it, or want to participate in it. That’s why you’ve got auction houses. If there is an extensive crafting system in your game, you also have an auction house where you can buy all the crap you don’t want to craft from crazy people who do.

So on the one hand I’m glad that I can direct my companions to seemingly handle the vast bulk of my crafting. I won’t have to sit around staring at a user interface, my companions will do that in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

On the other hand, they’ve still got you waiting around for the crafting to be finished. What the hell? Hours to finish crafting something. Who the hell has the free time to wait around for hours while crafting is going on? I’ve got things to do.

Sure I can go do other things while my item is being worked on, but it’s a whole mess of problems that could easily be solved by something not taking 6 hours to make.

So instead of watching a progress bar for 30 seconds, you actually know, “OK, I put my companion on this, and this is going to take six hours.”

Maybe I want to use the companion I’ve got crafting something, but to interrupt the crafting would waste 3 hours. Maybe I want what I’m having crafted during my current play session, not tomorrow’s. Maybe I’m out-leveling whatever I’m crafting as I’m waiting for it.

I’m sure some might point out that I’ve argued on behalf of crafting meaning something. I don’t think companions should do all the work, it takes the accomplishment and hard work out of the whole affair. However, neither do I think it should be grindy and tedious. Waiting 6 hours for something to be crafted is tedious.

I’ll wait until I use crafting to actually form a real opinion on it, but some aspects really seem like they’d grate on me. 23 hours for a diplomacy mission? Great for role-play, terrible for actual play.

Am I crazy or is TOR’s crafting based on Farmville? Point, click, done. Ahhh I’m just being negative. Too soon to tell.

There’s also a great video dissection done by the guys over at Darth Hater on the Crew Skills video that came with today’s update. If I had any photoshopping skills at all, this is how I’d dissect Guild Wars 2 videos.

Hard at work over their slave bench, erm, workbench.



  1. LOL never played Farmville, but this system does remind me of EVE more than anything. In that game I had skills queued for days…maybe that’s why I don’t find 6 or 15 or 23 hours at a crafting bench or on a mission all that bad.

    Did you see in the video how that player character switched off the lights on his companions while they were working? What a meanie.

    • You’re right about the eve thing, though i’ve never played eve. I had thought of it but the farmville reference seemed funnier.

      Maybe they prefer to work in the dark? or perhaps a harmless prank.

  2. I’m at least glad this is applied to crafting and not skill learning, like how EVE does it. I could never fathom how paying a sub NOT to play, waiting months to learn any kind of decent skills, was worth it. But, to each their own.

    This actually reminds me quite a bit of Fallen Earth and I hope they do it the same. In FE, small things could be crafted pretty quick; 10-60 seconds, hide the panel, item appears in your inventory with a little message. Bigger things, like a car, could take days. It actually worked out pretty well but the game’s emphasis on crafting contributed a lot to that. It was another small barrier to separate out career crafters from hobbyists. With TOR seeming to not have crafting as its own progression path through the game, I’m wondering if the purpose of those long timers might get lost.

    We’ll see, I guess. I’m not negative about it yet, though, because it really could work if they do it right.

    • Yeah I’ve seen a lot of opinions about the eve skill system over the years, and its hard to imagine being a newb in that game and enjoying it.

      after playing minecraft so much lately, wait times for crafting just seems ridiculous to me. what’s the point?

  3. I read blogs while I craft. 🙂

    GW’s instant craft, just turn in the materials, always made sense to me. Materials dropping from mobs, like GW, as body parts, is better than gathering nodes. Maybe license Minecraft and let people dig for ores? 🙂

    Quality of the material should vary as in Star Wars Galaxies. The design/recipe should be something you can experiment with, so that everyone isn’t making the same item. Add in some of Aion’s crazy hard rarity (just not as extreme), so that rare stuff is actually rare.

    Don’t want timed mini-game ‘click the mouse at the right point’ like Final Fantasy. Don’t want Fallen Earth’s ‘everyone can craft anything’ type of deal either.

    • turning in materials is fine but in my opinion way too simple. I suppose minecraft ends up being exactly that, and i was just praising it, but its an entirely different kind of game.

      useful crafted items, and a balance between effort and result is all i really want.

  4. I hate items having random attibutes of goodness, its becomes grinding with a percentage chance of failure at the end…
    I suspect long make times is to balance your economy, WOW does it too by limiting the best stuff to 3-5 day limits on making it – though its still relatively instant for the actual crafting. You can’t have people pumping out starships 30 at a time instantly. The only thing of value in an mmo is time by enforcing the item to have 6 hours of time invested into you increase the items value.
    Anyway, crafting to me is usually pointless thing to do. I used to do it while I had some spare time for the game but its more fun to actually do the game, than craft in the game…

    • vary degrees of quality product doesnt bother me as long as its not over done.

      balancing an economy is pretty tricky, but i’m sure theres other ways to do it beyond incredibly long wait times.

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