Winds Of Change

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Looks like the Lich is making a comeback

I’m not sure why Guild Wars has decided to go with Cantha: Winds of Change as the name of the next Guild Wars Beyond campaign, but it doesn’t roll off the tongue for me.

In an interview Massively got a few details about the Halloween costumes, and even snaked a few details on other upcoming Guild Wars updates.

John Stumme let the title slip.

Thing is it’s a bad title. It wasn’t called Kryta: War in Kryta. This isn’t some horribly named movie sequel. Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo might be proud of Cantha: Winds of Change but I have to be honest, I hate it.

Why not just Winds Of Change?

No need for squash serums

That said, there are a bunch of details for fashion nerds about the most recent costumes, hints that the Lich will possibly be making an appearance in conjunction with Lunatic Court storyline updates, and a great deal of spoilers involving the Gwen/Keiran storyline.

Kristin Perry and Susan Jessup talked extensively about their inspiration for both costumes, about which I’m sure many nerds are quite grateful. Personally, I’ve never liked Legend, and haven’t seen it in over 15 years. There are a lot of people who like the 80’s fantasy weirdness like Dark Crystal, and Willow.

In all honesty, other than spoilers that’s it. Nothing more to speak of.



  1. Agreed, poor name choice. I thought that was just a working title? Hope so.

    The thing I found interesting, being a programmer, was the mention of the differences in profession models from a design/programming level, right down to limits per profession on masks and bones. GW1 really seems to have been designed with very tight limits on system resources compared to many of MMORPGs. That is why it can run on so many systems. But the interesting part is that it still looks fantastic, even compared to the latest MMOs. No, it doesn’t have all the fancy lighting and atmospheric effects the latest engines have, but they certainly did an incredible job with what they had to work with. This bodes well for GW2.

    • yeah, 40 model sets just for this halloweens costumes, thats an intimidating amount of work. seems like a lot more constraints than I had previous thought as well.

  2. A brief, mostly irrelevant tangent. I’ve never liked how the GW women stand. It’s just so friggin’ unnatural. Any real woman holding that pose for longer than a few seconds will have some severe spine problems.

    …uh, yeah. Silly name indeed. The “name: some other stuff” system of naming always strikes me as unwieldy at best.

    • well that is just about the case with every video game ever, not to mention real life models, magazine shoots, commercials… etc.

  3. I’m sure the guys at Anet reads blogs and forums, and they do have a pretty good history listening to their fans so no doubt they’ll change the title if a lot of people make their voices heard. Myself, I was actually expecting “Crisis in Cantha” simple to the point.

    • Well I hope so. Cantha: Winds Of Change is too long, not easily abbreviated (C:WoC) doesn’t roll off the tongue, and the cantha part is obviously redundant.

  4. Colons always make for bad names, but there is something I’m curious about. I wonder if this is a reference or callback to the Jade Wind.

    • My first thought was of the ministry of wind, the government ministries are named after elements. the ministry wind covers trade, mostly. However, the jade wind does make a bit more sense.

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