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Dynamically defend Al's Equipment Rental!

Last week when Richard Foge posted a bit of a manifesto about his take on MMOs and what was going on with the Undead Labs console zombie game, I took special interest. Jeff Strain, James Phinney, and Richard Foge are former Arenanet, so I thought reading through what he had to say might reflect on Guild Wars 2.

Unfortunately with regards to further insight about GW2, there was little to be found. What I did notice was a lot of similarities in buzzwords, and ideology. Unfortunately for me, that wasn’t enough to write a post about. So what if they used some of the same marketing-speak?

Luckily Scott from Pumping Irony was a little more curious and did a little more research. Scott’s implication is that Undead Labs is working on their own version of Dynamic Events. I don’t think this is unlikely.

Some upcoming games seem like they all went to the same game developers conference lecture.

Rifts: Planes of Telera has been throwing around the word dynamic as well, to describe their alternate dimension worlds that pop up all over their map. Rifts as they’re called were designed into the games basic foundation.

Rifts to the various planes will “dynamically” spawn around the world, and when triggered will unleash changes on the environment around them.

Now it seems this zombie MMO is working along the same lines with scenarios like the following.

Imagine plowing a modified death truck into a swarm of zombies to clear a path to a building your community wants to scavenge.

Or how about clearing out a fort taken over by centaurs so you can do business with the merchants there?

Anyway this only points to what Undead Labs is doing, and I’ve never been particularly enamoured with zombie games. So while it’s interesting, I don’t really have more to say than that.


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