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Patchy and Grumpy go to a Soccer match

With every big announcement about Guild Wars 2 comes a torrent of interviews. I usually try to pick out interesting quotes and provide commentary. In this case, Paris Games Week provided an opportunity for someone at Mondes Persistant to sit down and chat with Izzy Cartwright about Guild Wars 2.

When I say sit down and chat, I literally mean chat, it wasn’t an actual interview just a conversation.

Colin Johanson also gave GuildMag an interview that appeared in their Shadows Of Tyria issue, which for some reason I didn’t get around to reading. Some reason being, I don’t like reading .pdf files. Not a very good reason, but a reason.

So what amazing and new facts can be discerned from these two articles? Not much really.

The Izzy interview (I always think Izziebot when someone says Izzie in the context of Guild Wars) is pretty hard to pin down to specifics due to language issues and the tone and style of the interview. There are no formal questions and answers, just a retelling of a conversation someone had.

That said you get the sense of what Mr. Cartwright wants out of Guild Wars 2. A visually intense experience with skills that function on different levels, which he compares to soccer. When England stops referring to Hockey as Ice Hockey, I’ll start calling it Football.

Then they get into some skills.

Skill-wise you’re still gonna have conditions, very important! You’ll notably get, besides a condition slowing your target, a condition slowing skills recharge timers. There’ll obviously still be stunts and blackouts, a condition which resemble another effect from GW1 forbidding you the use of skills for a while.

Does any of this sound like a mesmer to anyone? Obviously the English is a little mangled, but it’s still better than my French. Je suis un chat! I’m sure other professions could be causing these conditions but what is a mesmer if not a profession that slows skill recharge?

The number one threat on the countdown? BEARS!

For example, the bear can knock down and stun. For example, what Izzy like is to send his pet, get behind the target and fire an arrow with his short bow, stunning him again. He precised that the pet inflicted almost more conditions than the ranger himself, therefore its importance.

This was an example used to illustrate the importance of the ranger/pet dynamic. As much as I think a pet should be important I don’t see why people are being forced into it. Oh well, pets are important, let’s move on with our lives. Oh, and bears do knockdowns, that is a useful skill. I had a slight nagging feeling that pet skills wouldn’t be all that great but, they’re really integrating them into the game I guess.


As far as map size goes, at the moment the teams are composed of 5 players, resulting in slightly larger maps than 4v4 areas on GW1. He wants to make PvP very tactical and you need enough space to allow that.

An actual accounting of the size of a PvP map. A slightly larger map than a 4v4 isn’t really all that big. Anyone who has played Random Arena, Team Arena, even Zaishen Missions could tell you those maps don’t generally get very big. I’m still holding out for more complex PvP scenarios though.

Another bit of news I’m not sure has been confirmed previously or not.

That’s the main lesson they learnt from GW1. You have to split the skills according to the gameplay mode. If you don’t, you end up with GW1 situation, with its 17 modes which ends up being impossible to manage properly.

Skill splitting between PvP and PvE. I’m not a huge fan of this, as I don’t like memorizing two sets of skills, however, I’m not exactly a big PvPer.

Further, there appears to be 3 different types of PvP aside from WvW.

Ideally, he’d like to have only two modes to balance, but he knows he can handle three which is the intended number atm. For the record, WvW is *as of now* based on PvE skills. With three modes, he knows he’ll be able to supply a decent work and make GW2 a real e-sport along Counterstrike or DOTA-likes.

I take that paragraph to mean that WvW is intended to work with PvE skills, and that Izzy will be working on 3 other modes of pvp. Guild vs. Guild being an obvious option, with two other possible forms.

I won’t bother to speculate on what those forms might be, nah just kidding. Let’s see. Random Arena’s I think are a big possibility. Even when Team Arena’s were taken out Random Arenas were left quite alone. The new Codex Arena in Guild Wars 1 isn’t very popular so I’d hope it would be skipped. Alliance Battles are I think the very basis for World vs. World in its prototype form, semi-combined with Hero’s Ascent. I think there has to be some kind of Capture The Flag, as we heard in a previous interview which leaves a third.

Sure I could be misinterpreting what is being said about WvW as a third option but whatever.

For those familiar with Ghosts of Ascalon

Moving on to the GuildMag interview.

It appears the sidekicking system is more than just grouping with someone. That’s what I had assumed anyway.

the idea is the low level player can offer the high level player to side kick down to their level, if they accept they jump down. Also, if the high level player starts killing low level stuff in the area and griefing other players, they’ll be auto side-kicked down to the level of the map to make them less able to grief others with the added bonus they can experience the content there and enjoy it.

So multiple ways to get sidekicked down, but I guess you’re not going to get sidekicked up if you start fighting stuff in high level areas.

A fairly good question about walking.

It was mentioned that players will only be able to run (i.e., they won’t walk). But, knowing that in the trailers we’ve seen at least one member of each race walking (and thus the animations are already done), why not include walking into the game?

While this isn’t exactly on my radar as an issue, it’s important to some, and pointing out that the animations are done at least for the Races trailer does sort of irritate those who are interested in walking. Unfortunately this isn’t Colin’s department so there’s no answer.

A tiny bit of new detail on Caudecus’ Mansion.

The story dungeon in Caudecus’ manor is really a cool one, you show up in time for a party for all the rich and nobility from the city and need to deal with a mystery that is dangerously unraveling in the background of the party while navigating the political whirlwind of the rich and famous of Kryta. As a result of the things you do in the story dungeon, you’ll be able to discover a secret part of the manor and will explore and discover new things there while in repeatable mode.

Sounds like there’s more to it than just killing stuff.

The monsters use more advanced skills and builds, coordinate together, come in larger numbers, and have elite versions of normal monsters that can be more difficult to contend with. There are a number of lesser bosses with various abilities and skills you need to overcome, and mega-bosses that are extremely difficult highly coordinated battles that push the skills of your group.

Does this mean we’ll actually have to strategize? I’m hoping so.

Anyway not a lot of meat there, but for us starving folk it’s plenty. Shout out to Guild Wars 2 Guru for the pointer.


  1. All this side-kicking and auto-downgrading makes me wonder if it was really worth not going with a rather level-less system. I think the item and gear progression of GW2 only seems to exist for the very reason to throw the usual DIKU crowd a bone, a concession to their style, to make the “transition” to another system easier for them.

    • An interesting point, certainly if we retained the max level of 20 or perhaps some form of no levels at all it would be continuing the ground breaking of the original guild wars.

      you’re also right that they’re throwing the diku crowd a bone. However, I will say in their defense that I think the lack of leveling really confused a lot of people with the original gw.

      I think i blogged somewhere, a long long while back, that essentially, dumb people who didn’t “get” gw leveling ruined the chances of there being a similar system for gw2.

      I think anyone can recall the constant whines of players when gw came out about how level 20 wasn’t high enough, or they wanted more levels, or “but i can be level 50 in WoW and that’s way more powerful than 20!” etc.

      So yeah, they’re throwing mouth breathers a bone, but one some level business wise, it only makes sense.

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  3. This post is full of win!

    You rule the GW2 news front!@

    • hey thanks man. I do my best! you rule the x-fire activity thing! include gw more!

  4. I’m hoping that GW2’s WvW will turn out to be as much fun as PvP was in the Aion beta and early days after going live.

    You’d start out with players from the enemy side having rifted in and formed up into several groups of about 15 to 20 each. They’d then start heading for the main fortress. Someone on our side would see them and call for help. Rangers and Sins would shadow the groups while our side started forming up. If there was time, we’d set up ambushes with groups hanging outside of radar range. Once the main fight started there would be charges and counter charges, waves of players coming in from both sides. Large fights would break into small skirmishes spreading all over the map. Then finally we’d mop things up, chasing down scattered groups, or getting led into ambushes by their side, often by a kiting ranger; you knew there were more enemy players around if a ranger was alone and not fleeing for their life.

    If GW2 can capture that, plus add goals that will encourage players to work together to accomplish something affecting the overall world, but avoid ganking and zergs, they’ll have me playing much more PvP than I normally would.

    • that is a tall order yarr. avoid ganking, zergs, and accomplish something that effects the world. stuff every mmo talks about but nobody achieves.

      aion sounds fun though.

      • Well, that is my wish list for GW2’s WvW. I have no idea what they are doing, but having 3 sides fight against each other is a good start. I will wish them luck on preventing zergs. 🙂

  5. Nice. Always appreciate new info. My first character will most certainly be a ranger, so I’m always interesting to hear more about it. I’m pretty sure that ArenaNet felt that all the rangers leaving their pets at home was a design failure in GW. I’m not surprised that they are pushing a design that emphasizes that more.

    • yeah i agree, its just a shame that so many people not only got used to not bringing their pet, and in fact were indoctrinated against it, but grew to like the class without the pets.

  6. I get super confused when people talk about Izzy. I feel like I need to duel him for an epic Izzie vs Izzy battle of righteousness.
    Completely off topic.

    • A fight to the death should settle this once and for all. In death one of you will be known as The Imposter

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