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Projects in Minecraft, tend to grow. You’ll start out just digging a hole to defend yourself in single player, and then find yourself constructing a grand masterpiece in multiplayer.

When I decided that getting to my island was a pain, in that I had to cross a body of water to get to Maeve’s and then find my way around her island just to get to mine, I decided to build a trail.

Maeve had built a makeshift trail but I could never find it. Instead I chose a familiar location and started from there. I didn’t just build a trail though, I dug up the earth and put cobblestone in it’s place leaving a clear walkway. I dug through hillsides and cliffs so that the path didn’t deviate in elevation. I dug tunnels when a straight line made more sense than a zigzag pattern. When I realized all of this was impossible to follow at night, I lit the thing up with torches on cliff sides and on individual stones.

My original plan when I got to the water was to build a thin stone bridge, one block wide. I quickly realized in the dark I’d fall off easily. I expanded the bridge in my imagination to be 3 blocks wide with railings so I couldn’t fall into the water. Then I realized I had a lot of sand and coal.

I built a long elevated glass bridge from the Valhalla Coast to Maeve’s Island (name it already Maeve!) 4 blocks wide. A nice little accomplishment. The Bifrost Bridge.

Trolls who live under glass bridges shouldn't throw stones

When Tigerfeet started playing on Blue’s server, I kept getting lost on my way to her place. She actually ended up building near the Valhalla Coast, just much further beyond where the cobblestone path ended. So I continued it, all the way to her place.

Another example of something that got out of control in scope was The Wrong Turn Mine. It started as just a hole beneath the cave I hollowed out of Cutthroat Island. It went sloping down away from Maeve’s or, further away, the city. I thought it would be cool to connect it to Maeve’s, so I turned right, and then right again aiming to resurface somewhere on her island.

That didn’t work out too well. I kept almost drowning to death as I hit water over and over again, washing out my torches, washing me back down as I tried to make my way up. Eventually after a convoluted series of turns I ended up surface very near to my completed Bifrost Bridge. Not satisfied somehow, I again went into the mine and dug down in the direction of the center of town. After many of the same problems of nearly drowning, this time in lava, I ended up surfacing in a huge cavern beneath one of the oldest structures on the server, just out of sight of the spawn.

Small projects get bigger and bigger.

So what are my goals in Minecraft now? I have a tower in the center of my island, but it’s not tall enough for my liking. I could just make it taller, but I don’t think it has a wide enough base to satisfy me so I’ll have to tear the whole thing down. Since my original home is merely the hollowed out innards of Cutthroat Island, I think I may extend the tower into the ground making it accessible from my cave. Since most towers on the server reach to the sky, I’ll have to match that dimension as well. To make my tower special I’m considering making the top into some kind of Eye of Sauron. Maybe I’ll even make this Eye some kind of obsidian portal.

Big Plans. Plans that are bound to get bigger. Plans within plans.

My tower on Cutthroat Island looks like somebody took a bite out of it. It's actually a staircase cut into the side.


  1. There’s also the “one more tunnel” or “one more room” syndrome that I’ve run into. My daughter and I are building a glass house for her game world, and it’s so easy to just say “OK, one more batch of glass for this room off the west wing”, and before long, find ourselves dug into a hillside somewhere looking for more coal We must have fuel for the forge, after all), iron and maybe just one more stab at finding diamonds. Ooh, and look over there, that’s lava, do we have a bucket? We need some more torches too, right?

    • haha, yeah exactly. It really sucks you in. I think other people tend to push it further too, if you’re building something with another person and they begin work on it, its like an obligation to help out.

  2. I started a small little underground tree farm so I wouldn’t have to keep going above ground for wood. It has since grown into a massive gallery, with a glass sky walk. I’m now adding two viewing balconies and a huge water feature. Might put a glass ceiling above it after those.

    Hard to stop once you get going!

    • haha sounds cool. there are a couple people growing trees underground on eternia but nothing on that scale.

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