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Friday’s usual Star Wars: The Old Republic update was eagerly anticipated due to a little hinting from their reps that something big would be announced. They kinda sort of came through on that with further details about their Alderaan Warzone a PvP scenario, some crafting details, and even a little update on the Jedi Robe and Wizard Hat. Oh I mean, the Jedi Wizard subclass. I’m going to miss that joke.

I’ve always thought that the PvP in Guild Wars could stand to have a few more objective based scenarios. Random Arenas, Team Arenas, etc, are all just “go kill the other team” and while that is the point of most PvP, there is a reason most games have rules that go beyond “defeat the other team”.

Objectives are fun.

The Warzones appear to be just that.

Not only are there objectives, there are observable effects to what you’re doing. Taking control of that gun battery actually begins firing on your opponents ship. Destroy the ship, win the scenario.

Darth Hater notes that respawn appears to be instant, transporting you back to the drop ship. Whether or not that’s true I do think it’s a good idea. The more I play games the more I think a timed respawn is pointless. Sure there is some argument to be made for a death penalty, but for me the very inconvenience of having to make my way back to the warzone would be punishment enough. I think Guild Wars 2 gets this as well.

Darth Hater also quoted this bit of news.

The developers teased the next Warzone will take place on a derelict starship and its mechanics will be completely different from Alderaan’s. “If you say what kind of scenarios could happen on a derelict starship, you can kind of formulate scenarios to see what we mean,”

It really sounds like there is quite a bit of story attached to these scenarios and that they won’t all be some kind of cookie cutter, reskinned, battleground. I can only imagine what a derelict ship might have in store. My imagination wants a zero-g fighting experience but reality tells me it’ll probably be a lot simpler than that.

As for crafting I’m a little disappointed. Apparently one of the biggest concerns for players is that they wouldn’t have to be “Darth Vader picking flowers on the side of the road.” to quote the oft used phrase.

Personally I think if you’re into crafting, picking flowers at the side of the road is not something to be avoided. Nobody who is out there gathering and crafting is worried about whether it will make their character look like a dork.

Instead we’re getting a system where you send your companions out to do all the work, send them to their stations to do all the crafting, you just sit there and reap the benefits. Which seems to me to be kind of pointless. I’ll wait to actually use the system before crapping all over it, but, aren’t we taking away a sense of accomplishment here, or a sense of making something with your own two hands, in game anyway.

One of the better things I noticed about the system were things like one type of gathering skill is slicing. Slicing being the term used in Star Wars to describe hacking. That’s kind of awesome. I just wish I was the one doing the hacking. Instead I’ll send out my companion to hack loot or whatever they can find and bring back presumably, recipes for biochemical compounds, or intelligence on weapons.

At the very least the types of crafting seem original, well thought out, and interesting. I had expected that Bioware would throw together some mini-games as some kind of crafting mechanic, as they do like their mini-games. I haven’t seen much evidence of that sort of thing yet.

Finally it saddens me today to inform you that I’ll have to retire the robe and wizard hat joke that has long benefited this blog. They’re changing the name of the Jedi Consular subclass from Wizard to most likely, Sage. There was a lot of crybaby outcry when Wizard was announced, and I’ll admit I wasn’t a huge fan, but it did supply me with a good laugh.

Crafting stuff while offline eh? Isn’t that similar to Eve’s skill system? Not having played Eve I couldn’t say.



  1. I can only facepalm to yet another example to the self-entitled whiners that’s polluting the gaming community with their endless bitchfests.

    • ahh its an old song. We must be ever vigilant

  2. I’m of two minds with this. On the one hand, I feel it wouldn’t matter to me who did the crafting, my character or my companions, as long as the actual system in the game itself is engaging enough for me, the player, to actually do it.

    On the other hand, I do see the point behind the Darth Vader and picking flowers quote. I suppose it depends on the class and the task. I can certainly picture a smuggler crafting all his or her products, and see most of the classes being able to craft their own weapons. But when I think of gathering activities, I think grunt work…and here I have trouble picturing my proud, arrogant bounty hunter (I hope I’ll get to play her that way) deigning to get her hands dirty. But like I said in my post, I’m no crafting aficionado, I don’t know if I feel very strongly either way, what matters is whether or not crafting will be fun.

    However, we can probably take solace in the fact that Bioware will most likely let our own characters craft the important things. Say, lightsabers. Can’t leave that responsibility to a puny minion!

    • role playing your way in and out of crafting is one thing but i truly believe that someone interested in crafting would probably like to get their hands dirty.

      I wonder how intricate crafting our own lightsabers would be. It’s not like smugglers or troopers have a religious ritual like jedi do when it comes to building their first lightsaber.

  3. As much as I hated Wizard, I dont lik Sage either. When I hear it that Simon & Garfunkel song pops in my head..”are you going to blah bah fair, parsley, SAGE, rosemary and thyme”
    I votef for adept.

    • Sage looks like its getting the majority of the votes though. and sage is another word for wise, so i’d prefer that to adept.

  4. oo the vid is nice; the running seems very natural and smooth; and the combat looks good too; but then again, its all vids and may not reflect the actual game put into practice

    • Yeah its always hard to gauge a game just from promo videos but it did look pretty nice. the fighting looked normal enough. nothing to brag about but solid animations.

  5. I’m trying not to be too down on the game, but I was disappointed by the crafting news. I am by no means one of the people who likes to have characters exclusively for crafting, but I do enjoy it as a non-combat activity and the thought that it will be strictly in the domain of my companions sounds like it will be less fun for me. I won’t put too much thought into it until I see it in-game, though.

    I’m still mulling over what I think of the 8×8 combat zones. I’ve watched the videos a couple of times and they seem a bit like WARhammer scenarios, which could be fun, but again, I have a hard time imagining it in action with my hands behind the keys. I’m having a strangely detached response to SWTOR for some reason!

    • I’m feeling that way too, lately the game feels unremarkable and not bringing anything new to the table. I’m sure the lore and gameplay will be pretty solid, it just feels like it’ll be the same old song repackaged.

      • you’re probably right, however, that is the sort of thing all the wow refugees will be looking for i think.

    • Yeah I agree on some level, people who like to craft don’t want to send npcs to do their crafting for them. but i’m in the same place you are, trying not to judge. maybe its fun? who knows.

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