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War In Kryta was great. It told a good story which closed some loose ends, had plenty of new (or maybe just rarely used) mobs with rotating and diverse skill bars, and fair rewards. It had a great viral campaign to promote it, and really generated a lot of activity.

All that said there are improvements to be made. Here are some of the things I think could use some work.


I think there were a lot of things just getting in the way of getting out there and having fun. You had to have finished Prophecies or Eye of the North to participate, which is fair enough. The storylines don’t make a lot of sense if you haven’t played through the game.

Afterward that you needed a flow chart to make your way through what you needed, and very little about it seemed linear. If you had no idea Zinn’s Trial existed, you’d have no idea to go there.

They’ve said they’ll do this, and I think it’s a good idea, but having a more direct and linear quest chain is in order.

War in Kryta Flowchart via Guild Wars Wiki


It wasn’t so much the writing but how much dialogue there was without any real progress. Zoning in and out of an instance to see the next bit of dialogue is anything but fun or interesting, particularly on your 2nd run through the story.

In Cantha I would hope that after each dialogue maybe you’re given something to do. Stumme said that a lot of story would take place closer to outposts but it’s not the distance that’s the problem but the lack of an event. If I’m going to run out to the middle of nowhere, give me something to do other than read.


I liked some of the rewards. Certainly getting the Shining Blade summoning stone, or the Krytan Brandy or Lokum from Royal Gifts was fine.. They’re brand new, and my only complaint would be that being brand new, why weren’t they more common than getting more useless items like experience scrolls? For someone who must already have finished a campaign getting an experience scroll is kind of useless.

The consumables were fine, particularly the new War Supplies, which for some reason don’t drop from Royal Gifts. Also, 2 sets of weapons as a reward was generous, particularly since we were able to add Opressor weapons to the Hall of Monuments, even though I didn’t like most of their skins.

The mini-pets were rare as hell, and although I actually obtained a mini-livia I would risk saying that making them more common might be a little more generous. Particularly the green ones which are so rare no one I know has received.

My suggestions for Crisis in Cantha rewards would probably be much the same. A few new items hopefully more common, mini’s, remove the damn experience scrolls and maybe do one or two things different.

Like for instance, instead of a set of weapons, a new armour set. I know armour sets are a lot harder to implement, but as with costumes, there is no need to make a completely different look for each profession. A single set for male and female should suffice. Players are always begging the devs for one set of NPC armour or another to become wearable by the player base, and in some cases they’ve listened. The White Mantle costume for instance?

Whether or not that armour set is added to the HoM is up to Arenanet, but a new armour set would do wonders for player morale. However this is less likely to happen since Costumes seem to be their only source of income these days and I’m sure there will be something for Crisis in Cantha adventurers to buy.

The other thing I’d do different is War Supplies. They were quest rewards that could be used as a defensive PvE consumable, or traded in for Medals of Honor, which you could trade in later for Opressor weapons. This gives the directly result of me not having many War Supplies to play with. In fact, it makes me hesitate to use them and I don’t think players should ever feel like they need to hesitate to use a consumable. Why not trade Confessor’s Orders directly for Medals of Honor? Silly. Trading in for a trade in.

Livia is not the type that would appreciate a mini-version of herself.

Daily Quests

Keep them. Obviously in a low development cycle like Guild Wars is in daily quests are a godsend. Hell I don’t know why there aren’t a more diverse selection of Zaishen Bounty quests, there must be a hundred bosses that don’t have a quest attached.

Viral Campaign

Keep it. It really was a lot of fun. With Guild Wars 2 gathering steam I’m not sure their CM’s have the time to put something like that together, but for what it’s worth I think it made War in Kryta for some fans. It was an effective marketing campaign for a game that hadn’t really seen many updates in a while.

Dismantle the White Mantle! Get it?!


I don’t have any complaints about the costumes, other than my usual gripe that Guild Wars costumes are strangely expensive. If I were to outright suggest costume motifs I think you could make big sellers out of a Kurzick goth costume and a Luxon Pirate costume. That’s just me.


Stumme is in charge of things now, so I’m sure he’ll want to put his stamp on things. In fact with the shift in focus away from Gwen and where that storyline seemed to be going I think he may have already done that. I’m just hoping we keep the good stuff from War In Kryta, like story, rewards, and content, and lose the bad stuff, like mountains of dialogue, awkward hurdles, and poor rewards.

Looking forward to Crisis in Cantha, or whatever it ends up being called. Seriously just go with Crisis in Cantha.



  1. Grats on the mini-Livia! At this point I’d just like to get any green. I opened two birthday presents on Halloween and got the same exact white mini for both, one which I already had anyway. New rule, never open birthday presents on the same day.

    I just hope they set anything in Cantha outside the city, or as much as possible.

    I don’t think we will ever seen any new actual armor, just costumes. I would agree that the Opressor weapons were a bit blah, especially that horn thing. The staff is okay and maybe the scythe. I don’t have any of them yet, just from the wiki pictures.

    • My only other thought about what it might be other than some kind of closure to kurzick/luxon fighting is some form of tengu war. neither would be related to the city, hopefully, but you never know what they’re thinking.

      • It does make sense they might want to wrap that up between the K/L. I always got the feeling Factions wasn’t quite finished, like they released it before putting all the missions in. While I loved the setting (except the city, which felt like a movie lot set with fake buildings), the story just didn’t grab me at all.

        • factions is not my favourite campaign to say the least.

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